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Solo Review: Black Panther

Film Critic Emma Curzon takes an impartial look at Black Panther, one of the biggest comic book movies of all time

Posted on 5th March 2018

Review: Hostiles

Film Critic Joshua Woods is conflicted over neo-western film Hostiles starring Christian Bale and Rosamund PIke

Posted on 5th February 2018

Review: Bright

Film Critic Thomas Leaman is not feeling the magic in the Netflix original fantasy-cop-drama Bright, the latest from Suicide Squad Director David Ayer

Posted on 27th December 2017

Review: Battle of the Sexes

Film Critic Emma Curzon has her expectations exceeded by new true-story tennis flick Battle of the Sexes

Posted on 5th December 2017

Review: Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool

Film Critic Emma Curzon argues that Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool boasts its stars’ best performances to date

Posted on 23rd November 2017

Hollywood’s Diversity Problem

With the recent release of the trailer for Marvel's Black Panther Film Contributor Emma Curzon discusses the diversity problem that still plagues the film industry

Posted on 11th November 2017

Review: Geostorm

Film Critic Ellen Macleod reveals that the only real disaster in Geostorm is the script itself

Posted on 30th October 2017

Review: Flatliners

Film Critic Ellen Macleod is both surprised and disappointed by the Flatliners remake

Posted on 5th October 2017

Review: Mother!

Film critic Luis Freijo weighs in on Darren Aronofsky's controversial art-film Mother!

Posted on 4th October 2017

Review: The Red Turtle

Print Editor Joe Ryan reviews the Oscar-nominated animation that wordlessly meditates on life, death and everything in between

Posted on 12th June 2017

Review: Your Name

Arguably a snub for Best Animated Feature at this year's Oscars, Film's Charlie Kerr takes a look at Your Name

Posted on 7th February 2017

Review: Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World

Is the latest Werner Herzog documentary Lo and Behold one of his best? Film Critic William Carroll finds out

Posted on 5th November 2016