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Patrick Box
If Indiana Jones had a kid with Han Solo, I'm the guy who sat behind him in school.

Review: The Darkest Hour

As Gary Oldman starts to receive awards-attention for his role as Winston Churchill, Film Editor Patrick Box checks out the Darkest Hour

Posted on 14th January 2018

Spoiler Review: The Last Jedi

Film Editor Patrick Box can't resist getting involved in the furious debate surrounding Star Wars The Last Jedi

Posted on 24th December 2017

Sci-Fi Sequels Part 1: The Transcendent

Film Editor Patrick Box begins a four-part Redbrick Rewind series on science fiction sequels, exploring how Empire Strikes Back defined the Star Wars universe

Posted on 9th December 2017

Multi-Review: Justice League

With the release of Warner Bros first ever Justice League film, Redbrick Film comes together to decide whether there truly can be justice for all

Posted on 25th November 2017

Trailer Review: Star Wars The Last Jedi

With the release of the new trailer for Star Wars the Last Jedi, Redbrick Film assembles to share their opinions

Posted on 15th October 2017

Review: Blade Runner 2049

Film Editor Patrick Box reveals whether Blade Runner 2049 measures up to thirty years worth of hype

Posted on 7th October 2017

Review: Logan Lucky

Film Editor Patrick Box has a lot of fun with heist film Logan Lucky

Posted on 8th September 2017

Review: Dunkirk

Film Editor Patrick Box explains why Dunkirk is the must-see movie of the summer

Posted on 26th July 2017

Review: Wonder Woman

Film's Patrick Box is pleasantly surprised by Wonder Woman, heralding it as the shining light of the DCEU

Posted on 9th June 2017

Trailer Review: Justice League

Slated as one of the biggest films of 2017, Film shares their opinions on the latest trailer for Justice League

Posted on 30th March 2017

Review: Logan

With Hugh Jackman's 17 year tenure as Wolverine ending, Patrick Box reviews Logan, a film that some are calling the best comic book film since The Dark Knight

Posted on 8th March 2017

Review: Hacksaw Ridge

Redbrick Film's Patrick Box reviews Mel Gibson's Oscar nominated return to the director's chair, Hacksaw Ridge

Posted on 6th February 2017