Rahim Mohamed, Author at Redbrick | University of Birmingham
Rahim Mohamed
Postgraduate student studying Political Science at the University of Birmingham

Damaging Policy Change: University Fees

Comment Writer Rahim Mohamed argues university is a unique experience for everyone, not just the means to a job

Posted on 1st March 2018

Bridal Speeches Should be the Norm

Comment Writer Rahim Mohamed laments the sexist attitudes still prevelant in society

Posted on 8th February 2018

Is The NHS in Crisis? … Again?

Comment Writer Rahim Mohamed argues more needs to be done in order secure our National Health System

Posted on 19th January 2018

The Budget: It’s Time Hammond Took His Own Advice

Comment Writer Rahim Mohamed argues that the 2017 Autumn Budget has done nothing to alleviate the stereotype attached to the Conservative party

Posted on 21st December 2017

Brexit: The Process of Leaving The EU Was Not Given Enough Thought

Comment Writer Rahim Mohamed criticises the government on its handling of Brexit negotiations

Posted on 25th November 2017

Why Do You Wear a Poppy?

Comment Editor Alex Goodwin and Comment Writer Rahim Mohamed explore their reasons for proudly displaying a poppy on Remembrance Day

Posted on 22nd November 2017

The Necessity of the T-Charge

The environment needs to get back on the political agenda, argues Comment Writer Rahim Mohamed

Posted on 11th November 2017

Political Views in Sport: We Should Encourage It

Comment Writer Rahim Mohamed argues political activism should be encouraged amongst athletes

Posted on 26th October 2017

Las Vegas Teaches Us that Society Needs to Reconnect

Comment Writer Rahim Mohamed argues that a more connected society could help to prevent atrocities

Posted on 13th October 2017