Before looking forward to the BAFTAs and the Oscars, Redbrick Film looks back towards this year’s Golden Globes.

Written by Abi G
Images by Vanity Fair , Flickr

January 10th 2016 brought us the 73rd Annual Golden Globes, hosted by the ever-controversial Ricky Gervais, who appeared to do all in his power to live up to his provocative reputation. From the big winner of the night, Leonardo DiCaprio, giving us as much as in his role in The Revenant with his varied reactions to the evening’s event, to Jennifer Lawrence gaining more attention from interaction with reporters, the ceremony was set to live up to its preceding years, filled with laughter, shocks and many tongue-in-cheek moments.

Ricky Gervais, animal activist by day and divisive award’s show host by night, lived up to expectations as he fulfilled the role for the fourth time, playing up to demands he should be replaced by seemingly doing everything in his power to fuel criticism of his professionalism. Downing a beer on stage as he addressed the audience to “shut up” repeatedly and called them “deviant scum”, Gervais’ ‘I couldn’t care less’ attitude has divided critics over whether or not he is a genius or downright rude. Addressing audiences in 2010 with,“It’s ok folks, I won’t be doing this again”, Gervais appeared genuinely confused over his position but, as his very presence gets people talking, stirs the crowd and, in some cases, dares say what others are too afraid to, it is very clear why he was the host of choice yet again.

'Gervais, in some cases, can be seen to better causes by drawing light on their issues and getting people talking about the matter.'

Although he is inarguably a controversial figure, Ricky Gervais pulled no punches as he commented on NBC’s position as host of the awards, sipping his beer as he stated, “we’re live on NBC, and it’s right that NBC host this awards show because they are the only network who are truly fair and impartial, and that’s because they are the only network with zero nominations…Nothing is in it for them.” Pointing at himself as he affirmed, “they don’t care”, Gervais used his position to draw light on some of the recent issues foregrounded by his star-studded guests. Firstly, in light of Jennifer Lawrence demanding for there to be equal pay for females in Hollywood, Gervais quipped, “there were marches on the street with nurses and factory workers saying ‘how can a 25-year-old live on 52 million'”, later joking that they shouldn’t worry because he was “getting the same as Tina and Amy did last year.” As many of his jokes received a positive reception, with Jennifer Lawrence seen laughing at her own expense, it cannot be denied that Gervais, in some cases, can be seen to better causes by drawing light on their issues and getting people talking about the matter.

However, Gervais’s low moments, as always, cannot be overlooked, with particular laughs made at the expense of Caitlyn Jenner. Shock rippled through the audience at the reception of Gervais pointing out that he himself has changed but “not as much as Bruce Jenner,” and acknowledged that, though Jenner has done a lot for the trans community, she has not done well at “destroying stereotypes…for women drivers”, addressing a fatal crash involving Jenner. With Gervais, as usual, causing controversy, here are some of  his most outrageous comments on the night:

On his position as host keeping celebrities away from the Golden Globes: “As if film stars would stay away from the chance of winning a Golden Globe, particularly if their film company has already paid for it.”

On all-female remakes of films: “[Studios are] guaranteed box office results, and they don’t need to spend too much money on the cast.”

On Matt Damon: “The Hollywood Foreign Press deemed The Martian a comedy and even nominated it. And hence, Matt Damon is here tonight, so that worked a treat, didn’t it? To be fair, The Martian was a lot funnier than Pixels. But then again, so was Schindler’s List.”

The big winner of the night was The Revenant, picking up Globes for ‘Best Motion Picture –Drama’, ‘Best globesPerformance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama’ for Leonardo DiCaprio, and ‘Best Director’ for Alejandro González Iñárritu. Amidst speculation that DiCaprio’s big win of the night will foreshadow an Oscar, DiCaprio echoed praise of 2015 as a year of hits, stating “what a terrific year in film!” The Revenant, critically acclaimed, looks set to finally grant DiCaprio his long-awaited Oscar.

But DiCaprio’s winning moment was an encounter with Lady GaGa as she sashayed towards to the stage to pick up her award for her role in American Horror Story: Hotel. Seemingly shocked at their contact, it didn’t take long for photos to be made and for the internet to roar in reaction to his expressive face. In response to the incident, DiCaprio revealed the reason behind his reaction was that he “actually had no idea who was passing me or what was going on” and said the two “laughed about it at the after party.” He proceeded to disclose, “It’s amazing what goes viral these days. I guess I’m of a different generation.”

Another individual whose big win was severely overshadowed by her preceding antics was Jennifer Lawrence, the big female winner for her lead in Joy. Beating the likes of Melissa McCarthy and even her best friend Amy Schumer to bag the award for ‘Best Performance in a Musical or Comedy’, it was Lawrence’s usual goofy personality that truly stole the show. Comically freaking out over Matt Damon mid-interview, Lawrence broke her professional stance to excitedly exclaim, “Matt Damon is behind us. This is not a drill!” However, many on the night misconstrued Lawrence’s entertaining personality. Following her calling out a Golden Globes reporter for taking a photo using his smart phone, mimicking a scolding as she said “you can’t live your whole life behind your phone”, Lawrence was dubbed ‘rude’ by many. It appears her joke, and its poor reception, echoed Gervais’s criticism that many in the business take themselves too seriously.  

'Those overlooked on the night included Carol, who received 5 nominations but failed to win even one Golden Globe.'

The 73rd Annual Golden Globes did not disappoint to truly capture the best of 2015 in film, with Inside Out acknowledged for being the ‘Best Animated Feature Film’ of 2015 and truly setting the bar for feature films to come. Additionally, Spectre edged its way into the award’s ceremony, bagging the ‘Best Original Song’ for Sam Smith’s ‘Writing’s On The Wall’, beating ‘Love Me Like You Do’ and ‘See You Again.’ Nevertheless, there were many shocks at winners and snubbed nominees. Those overlooked on the night included Carol, who received 5 nominations but failed to win even one Golden Globe. Similarly, The Danish Girl, a well-received masterpiece, failed to pick up an award.

Signaling the start for another year of film, television and award’s ceremonies, the Globes did not fail to deliver an evening of shocks, hilarity and big wins for some well-deserving candidates. But who will win big at the Oscars? Will 2016 prove even better for film and television? Will Ricky Gervais return as host or be snubbed next year? And, in a year of wonderful animated films like Finding Dory, how will next year’s ‘Best Animated Feature’ possibly the chosen?

Article by Abigail Greenwood