Life and Style Writer Jess Whitham discusses the launch of beauty director Alex Steinherr’s skincare line in collaboration with Primark

Written by Jess Whitham
Third year political science student.
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Images by Primark

I’ll admit, I’m a huge skincare hoarder. Having struggled with problem skin in the past, my nightly rituals are now something I always look forward to. Although I’ve tried lotions and potions of all different price points, Primark is not somewhere I can say I head when I’m in need of a face mask. But Primark’s latest collaboration with Alex Steinherr is exciting to say the least.

The journalist-turned-influencer was also the former director at Glamour magazine, so what she doesn’t know about hyaluronic acid definitely isn’t worth knowing

This unexpected combination of forces has the perfect mixture of affordability and expertise. Steinherr is a ‘skintellectual’ with over 15 years of experience in beauty products and ingredients. The journalist-turned-influencer was also  the former director at Glamour magazine, so what she doesn’t know about hyaluronic acid definitely isn’t worth knowing. This latest venture with Primark has been in the works for two years and has been something Steinherr was determined to get right: ‘there’s 100% of me in it, and 100% of Primark in it.’

The price points of this collection are unbelievable considering the quality I’m expecting (everything is between £3 and £5). Steinherr always had this at heart, since with the collection she aimed to symbolise that skincare shouldn’t have barriers, and I love the idea of this since student budgets can now easily stretch to expert products.

Primark’s new range is novel; designed in a totally different way. The collection is also extensive, with 20 items in total of all different kinds. It is categorised by needs, of which there are five:

The first is called ‘Plump and Glow’ and aims to give that dewy healthy look everyone wants right now. In the range are a ‘facial in a stick,’ a moisturiser with a serum texture, a power mask and a lip gloss to plump.

‘Maximum Moisture’ aims for skin hydration if you struggle with dry patches. It includes a cleansing gel, a hydration-locking moisturiser, a sheet mask and a hydration booster, for moments in the day that your skin feels flaky.

‘Pore Balance’ is the third selection and is useful for the spot-prone: it has a cleanser, which cleans without taking away all your skin’s oil, a deep clay mask, a useful blackhead stick and interesting-sounding ‘rescue stickers’ with tea tree for skin nightmares.

The ‘Pollution Solution’ range is for urban skin, something budget beauty really doesn’t tackle – Birmingham ladies, we need to invest (but only a few pounds). There are exfoliating pads to freshen up, a mask to purify, a gel hydrator without oil and a skin starter primer for protection from the city.

The last range is called ‘Sleep Spa’ and is, unsurprisingly, about relaxing. At this point in the term, we’re all starting to need a bit of that. The range has a night cleanse for makeup removal, a mask to wear overnight, an eye mask for puffiness and a softening lip mask (something I’ve never tried!).

I will definitely be mixing and matching from each category, since everyone’s skin has their own needs. If you need any more reasons to test the selection, everything is fragrance and cruelty-free. Any vegans out there also needn’t worry!