After a lot of waiting, Redbrick Gaming writer Tom Martin finally finds out what all the fuss at Bethesda was about, as they reveal their newest game in the Fallout series, Fallout 76

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It appears all the theories were wrong. After nearly 24 hours of cryptic gifs, dabbing puppets, and flickering test cards, Fallout fans have finally been rewarded for their patience with the announcement of a brand-new game: Fallout 76.

the stream had attracted upwards of 2 million individual viewers despite being essentially 'nothing'

Just as the audience for Bethesda’s ‘come watch this bobblehead do things’ stream dwindled, our lord and saviour Todd Howard appeared to give the good news, acknowledging that the stream had attracted upwards of 2 million individual viewers despite being essentially ‘nothing’ (his words, screw you Todd). The stream then switched to reveal a brand-new teaser trailer for the long awaited next Fallout title. The trailer predominantly showed the interior of a Vault, a bedroom, an atrium, a living area, a bathroom, and a dining area before finishing with a cryptic shot of the new protagonist (who albeit looks the same as any other protagonist but with a 76 on his back).

By piecing together clues from the trailer you can make speculative guesses of what the game’s story will entail: first, the long panning shots of an empty, untidy – but not destroyed – vault reveals that the occupants have left and on the shot of main atrium there is a banner which reads ‘RECLAMATION DAY!’ (as seen above). These clues together suggest to me that the occupants of the vault have left to go back and ‘reclaim’ their homes. This also partners well with the song which plays over the whole trailer, ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’, one which has a strong focus on returning back home. Another key piece of evidence for this theory are the words said by an announcer on a TV: ‘When the fighting has stopped, and the fallout has settled, you must rebuild’. For me, all signs point to the story of a Vault 76 inhabitant returning to their home (or perhaps struggling to return to their home).

The biggest shock, however, sits in the abnormal titling, the ‘76’ far from what was expected -73 numbers off in fact, and might suggest that the home vault of the player will play a more important role than has been the case in previous Fallout games. Taking this theory to its extreme, coupled with all the ‘home’ imagery, could suggest that the game might not have you leaving the vault much at all and rather will have you playing what could essentially boil down to ‘Fallout Shelter 3D’. The game might have you play as the Overseer of Vault 76 managing the day to day lives of those living within your vault. One possible story ark for this might include you attempting to overcome whatever experiment Vault-Tec have outfitted your Vault to undertake. If pulled off this would be a game unlike any before and would curb the building pressure on Bethesda to switch up the usual formula for their Fallout/Elder Scrolls titles.

Either way the title has already subverted many expectations and, in true Bethesda fashion, despite being ridiculously weirdly marketed has caused great excitement all across the internet. There was no official word of a release date or a clue as to what platforms the game will be on. Despite this, Fallout fans are already clamouring to make their home in Vault 76. For now, we’re standing by to see what will be revealed in Bethesda’s upcoming E3 conference on the 10th.

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