The University’s Archery Performance Team of the Year 2018 take medals, medals and more medals, Isabel Baldwin reports

Written by Isabel Baldwin

The University of Birmingham Archery Club (UBAC) start the indoor season in style, taking home 8 medals at the first BUTTS League Leg of the year. With the BUTTS league being one of the most competitive archery leagues in the University Archery scene, UBAC has proven yet again that they are among the best, topping individual and team rounds.

The leg saw the Birmingham team at Loughborough University on Saturday the 10th of November. With 64 archers shooting a Portsmouth round, the team of 16 hit the ground running with some great scores. A Portsmouth round consists of 60 arrows shot at a target 20 yards away. The scores are set on zones with 10 being the maximum points scored per arrow, making the Portsmouth score total 600 at max.

The Lady recurve team made Birmingham proud taking home 2 out of the possible 3 medals. Birmingham’s sports scholars Eleanor Piper and Rebekah Tipping scored 580 and 575, placing 1st and second respectively. Teammate Imogen Mellor also made an impact, in her first year in the experienced category, scoring 530 and placing 6th. The Gent recurve team also shot well with Jamal Rahman scoring 565, Callum Platt scoring 559, Christopher Avins scoring 559 and Jerry Atkins scoring 555, finishing 7th, 9th, 10th, and 12th respectively.

The leg also saw many archers at their first ever student archery Competition.

The sole Gent barebow, Liam Mann, shot a score of 442, securing himself a silver medal.

UBAC has always held a reputation for having not only one of the best Experienced teams but also having one of the best Novice teams in the country

Birmingham’s Novice archers started their journey with archery in October, with some archers never having held a bow and arrow in their hands before. Despite this, the novice team has once again topped the league at their first ever competition and took home all possible medals in their categories. The Novice Gent recurve archers topped the podium with Yang Ma shooting 491(placing 1st), David Thomas scoring 450 (placing 2nd), Gunn Arampongpun scoring 438 (placing 3rd) and Daniel Newsham shooting 430 (placing 4th). Birmingham’s Novice lady recurves added to Brum’s medal total as Leigh Hewitt finished in joint 1st with a score of 426 leading Megan Abra to finish 3rd with a score of 404. Teammate Cass Senn finished at 338 and Eloise Evans scored 323, finishing 6th and 9th respectively.

The League not only ranks individual archer performance but also team performance. The league scores are split between Novice and Experienced teams, and a team in each category consists of the top 4 archers from each university, totalling their scores to give one total score for that University. League points are awarded across the two corresponding legs, the highest team score gains 8 points in the overall league, 7 for the next and so on to 1 point for the University unfortunate enough to come 8th. The Experienced and Novice teams with the highest leagues scores at the end of the season are awarded the League trophies and names League Champs for that year.

UBAC has once again done the university proud at their first leg, with the Novice team placing first with a combined score of 1809 ahead of Cambridge’s 1723. The Experienced team placed second with a score of 2279 just behind Warwick’s 2313.

Watch out for more results on how the team gets on with this years indoor season by following the team on Twitter (@ubarchery) and on Facebook on the University of Birmingham Archery Club page. Stay tuned for a report on how the team does on the next BUTTS leg of the year, being held in our very own slater hall – bring on leg 2!

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