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Boost for Rowing in Birmingham

Online editor, Nicola Kenton, looks at the decision to boost rowing at the Edgbaston Reservoir.

Birmingham has been identified by British Rowing as an area of high priority for development and planning permission has been won by Birmingham Rowing Club for a new water sports centre located at Edgbaston Reservoir. The centre will be used as the central hub for rowing programmes that have been developed across the city, as well as being a base for community water sports in the West and South of Birmingham.

B-Row is the youth organisation being supported by British Rowing that is enabling the rowing programme to be delivered to schools and colleges across Birmingham. In the last year, this has allowed 2,500 young people from Birmingham to row on the water and indoors. Additionally, at this time, there are 'Learn to row and canoe' for all members of the public at the Reservoir and sessions are also run for University of the Third Age by the Birmingham Rowing Club.

The Deputy Chairman of British rowing, Gary Harris, said, "Birmingham is one of the top three areas for rowing development in England for British Rowing and we are working in partnership with local schools, Sport Birmingham, the City Council and Sport England to get thousands of people onto indoor rowing machines and onto the water throughout the City. The new centre will provide outstanding facilities for the people of Birmingham and gaining planning permission is a big step forward for this exciting project."

(c) Bournville Architects

An illustration of the new centre from the water (c) Bournville Architects

Facilities at the new centre will include a gym, a cafe, changing rooms and boathouses. It will be a base for the University of Birmingham Boat Club, the Birmingham Canoe Club, B-Row  and Birmingham Rowing Club. The latter has been based at Edgbaston Reservoir since it was founded in 1873 and the current infrastructure was built in the 1960s and does not provide a high enough standard of accommodation. The cafe will be open to visitors to the reservoir and the gym will be used by the aforementioned club and other local sports club as a training facility.

The City Councillor for Edgbaston Reservoir, Cllr Sir Albert Bore, added, "Planning permission for the Water Sports centre will now allow the Birmingham Rowing Club to proceed with an exciting new facility that will benefit club members, local residents and organisations, providing a much needed local sports centre of excellence at the reservoir. I am extremely pleased that this project can now go ahead."

With this development now in place, on the south shore of the reservoir, it is hoped that this will be the start of a series of improvements to the amenity of Edgbaston Reservoir. Moreover, that it will enable a new generation of rowers to come from the city of Birmingham and expand the local clubs including the University of Birmingham Boat Club.

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18th December 2015 at 7:38 pm

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