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Brand Feature: DSTLD

Life&Style writer Mimi Dang tells us why DSTLD is the place to look for all your wardrobe essentials

DSTLD Premium Denim + Essentials DSTLD’s clothing line may not capture the eye when it comes to colour and flamboyant design, but that’s not what LA-based co-founders Corey Epstein and Mark Lynn intended anyway. Their pure ethos echoes through each piece, which, as the name suggests, relishes in “simple design and superior quality”. In a bustling city like Los Angeles, The Denim Capital of the world, DSTLD is their solution to the demand for quality made jeans and accessories, minus the premium price tag. What a way to take matters into your own hands!

Refined pieces is the name and modern style is the game. DSTLD’s clothing line has something for ladies as well as the men. Cofounders Epstein and Lynn have literally done the hard work; they know the struggle of finding men’s essential pieces all too well. The durable denim pants dilemma is sorted, with items priced at sub £70 for skinnies, slim or straight designs. Guys can get their tees from £15 in the three essential cuts: crew, modern-crew and V-neck. Polish it off with a choice from their line of bombers and denim jackets; before completing your look with everyday accessories such as leather belts and aviators. The lesson learned is that a solid foundation of basics can give you the flexibility to dress it up or down throughout the year.

“Creatives, like musicians, architects, and designers, appreciate quality and minimalism which can only be achieved through a line of staple pieces that are produced using quality ingredients. We don’t need a luxury label to define ourselves. People who are expressing themselves through their creations don’t want labels”.Founder, Corey Epstein

You’ll notice that the fundamental colour palette features blacks, whites, greys and denim - but that’s totally okay because what are you left with? The missing jigsaw piece to complete the core of your wardrobe! Nothing’s more frustrating than missing that basic piece to balance out the almost-perfect outfit.

You can be sure that the product is “distilled” of all excess and, where possible, non-sustainable materials and synthetic dyes. A moral fiber runs through their veins and into their products, which are all made by harnessing eco-friendly practices and techniques. DSTLD guarantees 100% sweatshop free creation, so the only sweating will be on your part as you get overly excited with the drop of the new arrivals.

Men, if you are in need of fashion inspiration and advice, DSTLD have a blog, with articles from “Skinny Jeans for men”, “Finding the right style” to “Creating a Men’s Capsule Wardrobe”. You’ll be on your way to refining your own style and dressing like the “creative class” in no time.

Only available through their online store, this LA based company ships worldwide to the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Japan. So say goodbye to the middle men and hello to some great savings. Be inspired as they harmonise understated clothing with modern style, and while they’re at it, stand for better ethics in the apparel industry. What a feat!

Article by Mimi Dang


7th November 2016 at 2:44 pm

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