Life&Style writer Bethany Ball reviews American makeup brand ‘Morphe’

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I am fairly new to the Morphe Brand; personally I only own two products by them, The Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette in collaboration with the beauty guru, and the Soul of Summer palette. This is possibly because the brand is not easily accessible in the UK, as it’s not sold through any British shops. It is also a fairly new brand, only launching in 2008, thus it is yet to make its way across the pond and onto our shelves. Despite this, the brand is very popular, and this is likely to do with its promotion on Instagram and YouTube by vloggers.

Morphe is a cult favourite with the top beauty gurus due to its fair price for pigmented and durable eye shadows. Their palettes are filled to the brim with a plethora of warm toned mattes consisting of nudes, transition shades, browns, plums and blacks, all vividly intense. The metallic shades are stunning; bold, iridescent and creamy. I adore the mermaid-esque metallic turquoise and the King Midas-like gold colour. One of the palettes, the £29 24G Grand Glam palette is a close dupe for the Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance palette, which retails for £43. This Grand Glam palette contains a similar array of bold reds, pinks, and champagnes colours, and some of these colours can even double up as highlighters and bronzers.

Morphe are also known for their brushes which are high performing, soft and durable. They offer such a diverse collection of makeup brushes that it is somewhat intimidating. But this is what makes Morphe so appealing to professional makeup artists (and makeup lovers!). Professional favourites include M501 for highlighting, the M439 for foundation buffing and the M433 blending brush, to name a few. Another Morphe product that has become very popular within the beauty community is the Prep and Set Setting Spray. What makes this setting spray so desirable is that its applicator sprays the liquid finely, creating a perfectly even layer of product on the surface of your skin. Many beauty gurus advocate the product, stating that it has a noticeable impact on the longevity of their makeup. Lastly, it’s worth mentioning their liquid lipsticks. They are heavily pigmented, apply smoothly and are long lasting. They dry quickly to a matte without over drying, becoming sticky or cracking.

Morphe is a dynamic brand, constantly releasing new products and ideas. They especially love to collaborate with beauty gurus. These include Manny MUA, Laura Lee and Jaclyn Hill to name a few. Additionally, as of March 13th, Morphe will have released a six-piece highlighter palette in collaboration with Bretman Rock, a 19-year-old beauty blogger who resides in Hawaii.

Despite not being able to purchase Morphe from a high street store, it is possible to access Morphe in the UK. The Morphe website offers free shipping over £30 to the UK. Also, beauty websites like Cult Beauty and Beauty Bay sell Morphe, and, unbelievably, offer free delivery over £15 to the UK.