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Callmy: The University’s New Security App

Introducing the new security app, designed to notify students of campus-based emergencies. James Pettit reports

The University of Birmingham security team have invested in and are endorsing a new mass communication app for students, staff and visitors to the university campus. The app, called Callmy, is designed to stay dormant on your phone until there is a campus emergency, so when the time is right the app will notify users through a text, voice or picture message.

Campus security are encouraging students to download the mobile application for the benefit of their own safety. In previous cases the university has encountered problems with getting out critical information in a timely, efficient and widespread manner.

Campus security are encouraging students to download the mobile application for the benefit of their own safety...

In 2012, when faced with a cross-campus power outage, Twitter was used effectively in such a way. However, social media has its own pitfalls in this scenario because users have to actively seek out the information themselves.

To have Callmy on your phone you need to download the app and simply follow ‘UBsafe’, to receive University of Birmingham based notifications. Users will be notified rarely, and only in order to relay vital security information, so as to avoid conditioning users into not paying any attention to the notifications when they are needed. At the same time, the university states that it will send out a security alert approximately every month in order to keep the app ‘live’ and unforgotten.

The app is free to download, available on Apple iOS, Android and Windows phones, and only takes up 2.35MB of data. It is also suitable for those with visual impairments because of its dual messaging function.

The app itself is suitable for use for the visually impaired, because dual messaging allows the University security team to send out voice messages as well as standard texts.

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9th October 2016 at 3:33 pm

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