Food Writer Jadzia Samuel compares the best Christmas drinks of the season, who will win?

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Christmastime: the two-month period which your heart loves and bank balance hates. Despite the cold, wet, miserable weather and severe lack of vitamin D, as winter approaches, the light at the end of the tunnel is always the prospect of the cafe Christmas menus in November. Deny it all you like, there is nothing that warms the soul quite like an indulgent splurge on a little cup of diabetes.

there is nothing that warms the soul quite like an indulgent splurge on a little cup of diabetes

However, as exciting as this all may be, it is high time that someone addressed the real pressing matters of November 2016: on an icy Friday afternoon after a long week of lectures, where do you go for a festive hot chocolate or latte?? Starbucks or Costa? Luckily, I have taken it upon myself to help relieve your anxiety on the matter a little. I decided to try to rate a selection of drinks from both menus and rate them as per taste, presentation and cream : drink ratio. I present you with my verdict:


Starbucks’ Fudge Hot Chocolate (£3.25, small)

Taste: 9/10 (This was unbelievably delicious – rich, creamy and sweet. I personally love a good sugary drink but for some this may be a little too sweet.)

Presentation: 10/10 (I mean, come on, it has golden chocolate shavings on top!)

Cream : drink ratio: 10/10 (Not so much that you are overwhelmed, but enough so that some lasts just on top right until the end of the drink.)


Costa’s Lindt Hot Chocolate

Taste: 11/10 (Waste your student loan on this. #overdraft)

Presentation: 8/10 (Looks like melted chocolate, but not that exciting)

Cream : drink ratio: N/A


Starbucks’ Gingerbread Latte

Taste: 4/10 (Waaaay to sweet – this drink tasted more sugary than gingery.)

Presentation: 6/10 (The candied ginger sprinkles were a nice touch, but it was nothing exciting. Costa’s one has a little gingerbread man – keep up, Starbucks!)

Cream : drink ratio: 8/10 (As quite a milky drink already I felt that the amount of cream provided was a little unnecessary, yet it was pretty, damn good.)


Costa’s Gingerbread Latte

Taste: 8/10 (full of gingerbread flavour, very sweet but not excessively so.)

Presentation: 10/10 (they have a mini gingerbread man on top and golden start sprinkles…need I say more?)

Cream : drink ratio: 9/10 (pretty much perfect! The froth from the latte wasn’t even ruined by the cream on top.)

go forth and indulge

My favourite drink overall had to be the Lindt hot chocolate because that was the best thing I have possibly ever tasted in my life. (Watch me wave goodbye to any plans to diet or save money!) Yet even after this exciting journey, the question remains: which menu is the best overall? As my student-loan would only allow for a limited number of takeaway coffees, I leave the rest of the story down to you, go forth and indulge. Costa’s Black Forest and Mint Hot Chocolates and Starbucks’ Eggnog and Toffee Nut Lattes await.