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ISIS is Monstrous, But So is Capital Punishment

Liberal Hypocrisy Over the Death Penalty is Beyond Parody

Pressing Issues: Donald Trump and Global News Journalism

Will a Mental Health Certificate for Universities Instigate Improvement?

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    Liberal Hypocrisy Over the Death Penalty is Beyond Parody

    Liberal anger over Sajid Javid's decision to allow the possible execution of two Islamic State militants is dangerously misplaced, argues Comment Writer Harpreet Pannu

    Written by Harpreet Pannu on 15th August 2018


    Are Football Fans Deserving of a ‘Hooligan’ Reputation?

    Kat Smith and Natalia Carter discuss whether England's 2018 World Cup successes have enabled fans to celebrate together, or simply turn into hooligans.

    Written by Kat Smith & Natalia Carter on 27th July 2018


    Alfie’s Deye of ‘Poverty’

    Comment Editor Amelia Hiller discusses Alfie Deyes' mistake and the responsibility YouTubers have to educate their fanbases

    Written by Amelia Hiller on 12th July 2018


    The Upskirting Bill – Why Have We Had To Wait So Long?

    Deputy Editor Kat Smith asks why it has taken so long for upskirting to be criminalised, and explains why it is unlikely to be a perfect solution

    Written by Kat Smith on 10th July 2018


    A New Path for Catholicism?

    Comment Writer Tom Shacklock discusses what the vote to repeal the 8th amendment means for Catholicism in Ireland

    Written by Tom Shacklock on 15th June 2018


    Theresa May Must Answer to the Windrush Generation

    Immediate action needs to be taken to punish those responsible for creating a 'hostile environment' for the Windrush Generation, argues Comment Writer Kieren Williams

    Written by KierenJWilliams on 13th May 2018



    The careers of rugby players cannot be prioritised over rape victims, argues Comment Editor Alex Goodwin

    Written by Alex Goodwin on 3rd April 2018


    Does Education Need an Education?

    Comment Writer Lily Haugh criticises the British education system

    Written by Lily Haugh on 28th March 2018


    Sex Education Is Unsatisfactory

    Comment Writer Natalia Carter conducts a survey to determine whether sex education in the UK is satisfactory

    Written by Natalia Carter on 23rd March 2018


    How The Cold Could Kill You

    Comment Writer Holly Pittaway discusses how recent cold weather has made some people vulnerable, and what the government can do to prevent this

    Written by Redbrick on 18th March 2018


    KFC Crisis: A Wake-Up Call

    Comment Editor Kat Smith argues that KFC's 'chicken crisis' should be a wake-up call that our consumerist greed has gone too far

    Written by Kat Smith on 18th March 2018


    St Mungos: A Lesson That Charity Doesn’t Solve Everything

    Comment Writer Rhi Storer criticises charitable organisations in light of the latest scandal surrounding St Mungos

    Written by Rhi Storer on 17th March 2018
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