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Humanity Must Overcome Anger

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    Humanity Must Overcome Anger

    News Editor Tom Leaman discusses the recent revoking of Shamima Begum's citizenship, and whether it was the most humane and democratic thing to do

    Written by Tom Leaman on 18th March 2019


    Kellogg Ends Animal Testing – Better Late Than Never?

    Dubbed as a 'cereal killer' by PETA, Emily Breeds discusses Kellogg's decision to end animal testing after 65 years

    Written by Emily Breeds on 16th March 2019


    The Independent Group: Doomed to Fail

    Jonathan Korn argues that the newly-formed Independent Group will be lucky to succeed in the current electoral climate

    Written by Jonathan Korn on 12th March 2019


    ‘The Object of Art is to Give Life a Shape’: So Let’s Fund It

    Cutting arts funding excludes the working class, argues Abby Spreadborough

    Written by Abby Spreadborough on 8th March 2019


    The Lady is for Turning (and so is he)

    In light of another impending Brexit vote in the Commons, Comment's Alex Boscott discusses the impact parliamentary U-turns are having on the process

    Written by Alex Boscott on 4th March 2019


    HMV must evolve to survive

    High street shops need to adopt new strategies to stay alive, argues Comment's Hannah Lay

    Written by Hannah Lay on 26th February 2019


    UoB is Becoming Parasitic

    Cities should not have to accommodate the constant demands of growing British universities, argues Alex Cirant-Taljaard

    Written by Alex Cirant-Taljaard on 24th February 2019


    We Must Do More to Tackle Homelessness

    In light of Kane Walker's death, Tom Staples argues that we must do more to help the homeless

    Written by Tom Staples on 23rd February 2019


    Let’s Have a Conversation About Cancer

    Rebekah Birch outlines the need for society to become comfortable with discussing cancer

    Written by Rebekah Birch on 20th February 2019


    The Irish Problem: A History

    Comment Writer Jonathan Korn gives an account of Irish history, placing it in context of current Brexit negotiations and explains why the backstop is so contentious

    Written by Jonathan Korn on 18th February 2019


    The Truth About the Pill-Free Week

    In light of recent changes to guidelines given to women taking the contraceptive pill, Comment's Abby Spreadborough criticises the roles of both the NHS and the Catholic Church in fueling previous misinformation

    Written by Abby Spreadborough on 13th February 2019


    The End of Fake News

    Harry Thompson argues that a growing awareness of fake news has the potential to increase public trust in accredited journalists

    Written by Harry Thompson on 30th January 2019
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