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Intervention Means Emancipation for Venezuelans

The Irish Problem: A History

The Dark Side of Brumfess

Medical Marijuana Farms: A Budding Industry

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    The Irish Problem: A History

    Comment Writer Jonathan Korn gives an account of Irish history, placing it in context of current Brexit negotiations and explains why the backstop is so contentious

    Written by Jonathan Korn on 18th February 2019


    The Truth About the Pill-Free Week

    In light of recent changes to guidelines given to women taking the contraceptive pill, Comment's Abby Spreadborough criticises the roles of both the NHS and the Catholic Church in fueling previous misinformation

    Written by Abby on 13th February 2019


    The End of Fake News

    Harry Thompson argues that a growing awareness of fake news has the potential to increase public trust in accredited journalists

    Written by Harry Thompson on 30th January 2019


    A Frosty Reception for Iceland

    Comment writer Hannah Lay explains why she feels it was right for Iceland's 2018 Christmas advert to be banned

    Written by Hannah Lay on 29th December 2018


    Has The Internet Killed Print?

    Jonathan Korn argues that the internet age signals the death of print journalism, but insists that Redbrick still thrives in print form

    Written by Jonathan Korn on 26th December 2018


    It’s Time to Care About Air

    Peter Amor discusses why Birmingham's Clean Air Zones can't come soon enough

    Written by Peter Amor on 23rd December 2018


    A New Form of Nationalism

    Nathan Clarke urges respect and reflection surrounding the dangers of nationalism and far-right populism, arguing that we must work towards peace in Europe

    Written by Nathan Clarke on 7th December 2018


    Laissez-Faire Language Learners

    As a whole, the British population are lazy and consistently exhibit a laissez-faire attitude towards learning languages, argues Alice Macfarlane

    Written by Alice Macfarlane on 4th December 2018


    Bang Out of Order

    We must adapt our use of fireworks to be more considerate to our surrounding environment, argues Comment Editor Natalia Carter

    Written by Natalia Carter on 3rd December 2018


    The Beginning of the End for Brexit?

    Comment's Luke Wheeler discusses the release of Theresa May's final Brexit deal, and the repercussions this may have on her position in the Conservative party

    Written by Luke Wheeler on 25th November 2018


    2018 Budget: A Step in the Right Direction

    Alex Boscott discusses the effects of the Chancellor's new budget on young people across the UK

    Written by Alex Boscott on 22nd November 2018


    Alone in the Cold

    As the temperature drops we must act on our moral and social responsibility to help rough sleepers, argues Alex Cirant-Taljaard

    Written by Alex Cirant-Taljaard on 21st November 2018
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