Redbrick Food are promoting Cranks Student Sandwich competition… read on to find out more.

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As avid readers of Redbrick Food, you have followed us dutifully as we’ve tried and tested restaurants, supermarkets, kiosks and recipes to advise and excite you on culinary delights. Now the time has come to follow us as we compete against ten other Universities to create the next big thing in the sandwich world. Sandwiches are ingrained into our lives; we eat around 11billion a year in the UK with Yorkshire men and women topping the fan list with a spend of over £114 a year on sandwiches.


  • Crusts on/Crusts Off
  • White/Brown/Whole Grain
  • Wrap/Baguette/Cob/Roll/Bun/Bap
  • Cheese/Ham/Jam/Chicken/Salmon/Prawn/Egg/Pickle/Fish Fingers/Chips…

It seems there is an indefinite number of ways to make a sandwich and absolutely no end to the list of ingredients we’ll use to fill the air space. Crank’s therefore, are giving us what ought to be a very easy task…invent a sandwich. “It’s not rocket science!”, you may cry…  Well, that’s what we thought. And then we started trying to agree on flavours!!

Its not rocket science

Cranks were the first people to ever open a vegetarian restaurant in the UK, starting life in Carnaby Street, London in the 60’s. The philosophy is very simple, Fresh, Wholesome, Tasty Food = Proper Food, and it’s certainly been well received. All food produced by Crank’s is vegetarian and can be found in supermarkets, universities, canteens and cookbooks across the country, fuelling the masses on a daily basis. Their competition is an inspired project aiming to get students across the country interested in Proper Food.

The Brief

Design a vegetarian sandwich with a great name, filling and profit potential.
Run taste tests and collect feedback on your creation.
Email the entry to Cranks and wait for the Facebook voting to begin!

The Prize

The opportunity to have a sandwich of your invention on the shelves by March 2014 and a cash prize of £500.

£500 vouchers of your choice

Anyone can have a go, so long as the entries are in by the 22nd of November so if you fancy it, why not come up with your own ideas or join our team and help us plan our Sensational Taste Bud Tingler….(not a sensible suggestion for a name.) All of the details can be found on line, or here:, and I have all of the specific details when it comes to word length, entry processes and the small print.

Entries need to be in by 22nd November

Your Food writers will keep you updated every step of the way as we go for gold with our sandwich and we would love for you to follow us, get involved and be there for us when it comes to voting. The sooner we get our idea in, the sooner we can have people vote for us so we’ll be getting in touch shortly!