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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Premiere: Bunch Drunk Love

TV Critic Morgan Williams reviews the opening for Season 3 of Rachel Bloom's romantic musical comedy-drama Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

The season 3 premiere of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was recently released on Netflix, and let me tell you, it was a ride.

The new episode follows on from last season’s literal cliff-hanger wedding, in which Josh left Rebecca for Jesus - deciding at the last possible moment that being a priest was preferable to being her husband. We watched Rebecca vow to become a real crazy ex-girlfriend, with all the power of a woman scorned.

An episode that expected to put a spotlight on Rebecca subtly shifts to other characters and their relationships
However, the episode opens with no-one in West Covina knowing her whereabouts. An episode that expected to put a spotlight on Rebecca subtly shifts to other characters and their relationships. We learn more about Paula and her husband’s new relationship dynamic, of their attempts to rebuild trust in their marriage after his infidelity in the previous season. It’s interesting to see the inside of a marriage between two older people, and how their relationship changes and develops over time.

It’s also nice to see all the women in the show properly bonding with Paula after last season’s awkwardness (remember when she was trapped in the bathroom in that R Kelly 'Trapped in the Closet' parody? Because I sure do). Paula now seems to have a more established friendship with both Heather and Valencia, as they unite as a front to help Rebecca get her revenge on Josh.

The show also takes another, deeper look into White Josh and Daryl’s relationship after Daryl pitched his idea of having a child with WhiJo in last season’s finale. The growth of this relationship is such a refreshing thing to see on network television, since most shows still opt for having a single gay character that stays single throughout the show’s run. But with Daryl and White Josh, we as an audience get a real insight into a same sex relationship that feels real and genuine. It was also great to see Daryl acknowledging that he is a real catch and realising that his enthusiasm, which has often been cited by other characters as a flaw (including White Josh, Paula and even Rebecca) is actually one of his greatest strengths.

Rachel Bloom has this way of putting certain unspoken elements of the female experience into words
As always, the main highlights of the episode, as always, were the songs. The opening song, while not ground-breaking, was an excellent way to effectively scene-set after the jump in time from the wedding to the present. However, the real show stopper was the 80s banger, 'Let’s Generalise About Men', in which the women of the show chug rosé and make blanket statements about all 3 million men (apart from gay men of course, who aren’t mean but "sassy"). Not only is it a great song, it also encapsulates every female view of any heterosexual breakup ever. Rachel Bloom (writer/producer/star of Crazy Ex) has this way of putting certain unspoken elements of the female experience into words - such as previous songs ‘The Sexy Getting Ready Song’, in which Rebecca details the horrific way women get ready for dates versus men, or the girl group pop anthem ‘Put Yourself First’, in which four teenage girls detail how  putting effort into your appearance is really for you and not for the male gaze (while being filmed by a creepy man with "male gaze" literally written on his shirt). In 'Let’s Generalise About Men', the problematic habit of criticising all men for the actions of a few is acknowledged both as mildly offensive but also as a female bonding ritual- of how guzzling rose and bitching about men is one of the healing steps of a breakup.

The conspicuous lack of opening song in this episode did not go unnoticed either - each season gets a new opening, usually reflecting Rebecca’s current mental state. It’s interesting that the show opted for not including it in the first episode, considering how the episode barely focuses on Rebecca at all.

Where Rebecca does appear in this episode she seems truly unhinged. No longer interested in keeping up appearances, when Rebecca appears she is truly unwound. Although she seems to have planned her appearance in detail- the dyed hair, the notably ironic white dress, she seems to not have planned anything much beyond this. An enjoying aspect of her behaviour is the complete 360 her relationship with Nathaniel has undergone. Rebecca now does not give a single shit about Nathaniel, which only drives him to impress her more. This dynamic shift promises potential for their developing relationship this season.

Rachel Bloom herself has said that this has been her favourite season to date, and she has detailed how she pulled inspiration from some of the best revenge movies of all time, some of which are referenced in the opening song- Fatal Attraction, and Basic Instinct to name a few. And judging from this premiere, this season is set up to be the best one yet.

I am fucking pumped. 

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