Redbrick Culture and the UoB Photography Society capture our lives in lockdown, presenting the ways daily life has changed, encapsulating the moods lockdown is producing


Redbrick Culture teams up the University of Birmingham’s photography society to capture the University’s mood while the UK is in lockdown.

We asked: if you could visualise how you feel during lockdown in a photo(s), what would it look like?

Here are some of the moods people captured.

Photo by Life and Style Editor, Elizabeth Winter


Photo by Franks Hayward (@franksh_)


‘I feel stranded, almost lost at sea without a life jacket from the university’ by Memoonah Hussain


‘I’ve been spending a lot more time working in my room recently, but I always stop and take a break in the evenings to watch the sun set.’
Photo by Rebecca Gelder.


Fragments by Luca Demetriou

Keep an eye out for our next diary-series, Quotidian (daily life).

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