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Depop: A Quick Guide to the Millennial Friendly Shopping App

Life&Style writer Natalie Welch talks us through the Depop app and why you should consider using it

Coined by Vogue as the “Millennial-friendly shopping app”, Depop has become one of the UK’s most popular e-commerce apps, yet still appears relatively unspoken about. Depop, founded in 2011, was popularised by Bloggers and Youtubers but is now used by many celebrities and reality stars, such as model/entrepreneur Dita Von Teese and Made in Chelsea’s Lucy Watson. Depop is the buying and selling app that all the cool-kids use, and you probably should too.

So, what exactly is Depop? Depop is the love child of Instagram and eBay, is the evolution of thrift shopping and it is relatively easy to use. The app is available from the Apple app store and the Google Play market, so all you really need is a smart phone to get going. Creating your account is as straightforward as anyone could make, especially if you have a PayPal already made. If not, debit and credit cards can also be set up for transactions. Once this five-minute application is complete, you are ready to surf the wondrous realms of Depop.

Although it’s most commonly associated with clothing, you can sell just about anything on Depop. Home Décor and books (including text books if you want to sell or buy) are amidst the latest trends of the app. It’s not just your second-hand items that can be sold on Depop. Many sellers offer their own product on Depop that sell very well if you were interesting in setting up your very own little and simple online shop.

It’s the student-friendly, guilt-free shopping experience
Selling on Depop is as simple as uploading a picture to Instagram. Take up to four pictures, attempting to show off your item, leave a little description and a price then you’re sorted. From August this year Depop no longer have a selling fee, which gives it a small advantage over eBay. Once it is up potential buyers can “like” your item, much like you do on Instagram, then either buy straight away or contact you beforehand.

If you want to be a little more successful in making money on Depop I would suggest really delving into it. Explore and find people who are selling similar things to your own, like some of their items, and they might return the favour and find something they like that you’re selling. Getting experience on the app will allow you to learn the best hashtags and lines that will get attention for your products and, hopefully, help them sell quicker.

Your Depop career can be practically self-sufficient if you’re clever. It’s the student-friendly, guilt-free shopping experience. You can find designer and high street goods at a much cheaper price through Depop, a friend of mine practically stole a pair of unworn Dr. Martens for £20. Alternatively, you can find one-of-a-kind pieces for a very similar, cheap price. The best part about Depop buying is getting an absolute bargain. If you message the seller before buying you can usually haggle your way into us extra discounts or deals from the seller, making Depop even more student-friendly than it was before.

Article by Natalie Welch

Final year English Literature student and culture print editor. (@natwelxh)


24th October 2016 at 10:00 am

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