Gaming Editor Christopher Hall previews Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise, a video game adaption of an amine by the Yakuza developers

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Let’s be honest about this game, Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise is pretty much the Yakuza games in most ways. Its structure to sub stories is identical to Yakuza. The combat is similar with even more over the top scenes than Yakuza fights. How the town is constructed is incredibly similar to the Yakuza series even if it isn’t the same town. This might be coming across as fairly negative, and if you’re tired of the Yakuza structure then it’s probably something you should avoid, but for many who need a good Fist of the North Star game and are not tired of the structure will find much to enjoy and perhaps even love.

Its over-the-top combat with even more blood and heads and bodies exploding fits the source material well and, considering it’s from the Yakuza developers, I have faith that the writing of the main and side stories will be good, as they have done excellent writing in their previous games. Also, now there’s no excuse about anyone living after losing in a fight. The visuals are dated but has a distinctive style similar to Borderlands, which I liked. What we got from the 20 minute demo was a decent side story and some great, if familiar, combat. It’s a good showing and it serves its purpose, making you want to play more of it. I’m never going to be someone who suggests preordering and getting hyped, but I think there’s a good chance that the final product will be at least decent.