Host to a diverse range of games, on various gaming platforms, EGX Rezzed has something for everyone. Editors Roshni Patel and James Law take a look at some of the best mobile games the show had to offer.


Mobile phones. They’re in our pockets and bags, and more often than not, glued to our hands as we send text messages, scroll through Twitter, or view articles perhaps like this one. App stores as a result are flooded with great apps and games, from the famous Candy Crush to some lesser known gems. Every year EGX Rezzed highlights these gems in production, as developers show off their great on the go game for us to play in those spare moments away from our PC and consoles. This year James and Roshni pick their top 3 favourites from the show floor.

Ava Airborne

When it comes to mobile games, there are plenty of side scrolling games out there. However, no free side scroller on the app store is quite like Ava Airborne. A cute flight simulator come side scroller developed by Laser Dog Games (Don’t Grind) and in partnership with PlayStack (Mowy Lawn), Ava Airborne is surprisingly addictive. Players are launched into the sky on a brightly coloured glider to collect points and avoid obstacles, such as pirate hot air balloons and lasers, as they try to fly as far as the currents will allow them. While it’s unclear why there would be lasers in the skies, the entire run is filled with interesting point scorers as well as booster and launch pads, such as hoola hoops and cannons. Complete with a recovery mechanic to allow you to regain your wings as you fall, this game is fairly forgiving, allowing you until you hit the ground to tap yourself back up and back into the skies, making the game all the more addictive. Available on iOS now and Android soon.

Roshni Patel

Too Many Cooks

Too Many Cooks truly lives up to its name. Jai Bunnag, the creator, welcomed the Redbrick crew into his kitchen (booth) and got us to don our chef’s hats (iPhones). What followed was a terrifying mix of Spaceteam and Overcooked, as we scrambled to fulfil orders on time.

You have to work together as a team, as only one team member is in possession of each cooking utensil. I swiftly became the team’s resident rice cooker, needing to distribute the cooked rice between the ever-more-desperate team members.

Too Many Cooks is a maddening ride that tests your trust and friendship. We did pretty well in all fairness. On the Rezzed leaderboard we came in around the middle of the pack. The controls are simple enough to get to grips with quickly, but the real challenge comes in communicating to your team and managing your four inventory slots so that the communication can actually get somewhere. It’s intense, fun, designed for 3 to 6 players, and it’s a game I’d definitely bring out at any gaming social.


James Law


Upon entering Rezzed, the first game I played was Hamsterdam. It’s one I had admittedly not heard of before, but it caught my eye immediately with its bloody adorable, angry, fighting hamster that reminded me of my own lil fella, Winston. Brought to us by Muse Games, the brains behind the Guns of Icarus series, Hamsterdam was the team’s fun and quirky pet project for when they needed a break from Guns of Icarus. I played through the demo, swiping and bashing a variety of mafia rodents, before coming up against a gigantic mob-boss chinchilla. The mechanics were responsive and felt natural, as I swiped and tapped my way to liberating the city from the gang. Smashing up baddies felt great, and Hamsterdam is probably the cutest-looking game I played at Rezzed, despite the other adorable competition in that regard.

I’m excited for more of this to be honest. It looks perfect to just play a level or two when on a commute or waiting for friends to arrive. Also, I’m desperate for Hamsterdam merchandise because I love the angry grumpy hamster and his attitude.


James Law