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Feature: Food Beyond Birmingham

Food Editor Dean Mobbs ventures beyond Birmingham for some foodie delights, and recommends you do too

Okay guys, a lot of the time we’re stuck talking about Birmingham and what this place and Selly Oak has to offer! Well, as encompassing as it is here, I’m sure we’ve talked about everything we possibly can this year, and so I thought we’d end this academic year by traveling outside of our beloved Brummie home, onto pastures new! Now, don’t worry… The places we’re going to talk about are just as delicious to eat in, and I might even throw in a cocktail place or two (oh yeah, now I’ve got your attention)!

As a student, I often tend to stay in one place

As a student, I often tend to stay in one place, but with friends and family living elsewhere, it really gave a chance to explore what was out there, and my foodie brain was living for it! There really is such a lot out there to be experienced, and so hopefully reading this will convince you just how much you need to get on that train and open your taste buds up.  We’re not talking miles and miles away either - there are lots of great places for just a short train journey away. So, let’s get to them!

Nottingham: Bunk

This place could possibly be the love of everyone’s lives, if we’re to be quite honest! If you like chicken wings and cocktails, then this is the place for you! As you enter the below-ground atmospheric lights of the bar, the evocation of all things American smacks you in the face like a wet, (amazingly cooked) fish – or chicken wing! And for all you vegetarians out there, I haven’t forgotten about you, and Bunk certainly hasn’t either. There is an option solely for us! There are a range of different sized orders of wings (up to 24 pieces!), more sauces to choose from than there are cells in your brain, and don’t even get me started on the sides – really, if I started, this article would be far longer than expected! If you guys like stuffing your face with every flavour you can possibly dream of, then this really is the place for you. Set in the heart of Nottingham city centre, it’s a cheap and accessible place to eat, even for us Birmingham dwellers.

If that wasn’t enough to tempt you, then we should move on to the ever-expanding list of cocktails that truly rocked my world! Only two words are needed to convince you: cherry bakewell. You can thank me on Facebook when you tag yourself into Bunk.

Oh, and one final PSA… Everything is half price before 10pm. This is not a cruel joke, this is deadly serious. I can’t actually think of anything better, so get yourself down to Nottingham!


Leicester: Grillstock

Personally, I believe that this particular restaurant is the best place in the world. As a vegetarian, I’m sure the term ‘Grill’ probably strikes fear into your heart. But fear not! I’ll get this out the way first, because once the vegetarians are hooked, this will be a piece of cake… Are you ready? There is a halloumi burger, topped with roasted peppers, house mayonnaise (I’ve never known what that is, but I like it!), lettuce, and served in a perfect brioche bun. Get yourself a side of onion rings or mac and cheese, and honestly you’re set for the night.

Now, moving onto our more carnivorous friends, if there is a type of meat that you really love then I’m sure Grillstock will accommodate. Honestly, this place is literally the most encompassing place at which  I think I’ve ever eaten. Fish, beef, chicken, and a huge array of cooking methods make up for a particularly inclusive meal. As is always the case, there are always far more options containing meat than not, which bodes well for you guys because the sides have just doubled in size for you. Is anyone here a fan of burnt beef ends? Because I know at least ALL of you have just started crying and booking your tickets to Leicester (I’m good, aren’t I?).

It’s so fun to just walk around and pick places out for yourselves!

If I haven't managed to convince you to travel outside of Birmingham, then I'm really not sure what would. These two places are just the beginning but did you really think I'd put in more than that? If I tell you exactly where to go, then how will you explore and discover for yourself?

Trust me, it’s so fun to just walk around and pick places out for yourselves! So, use mine as a starting point until you find your foodie legs, and then fly free my babies. Because we want these reviews in!



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