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A Festival Fashion Rundown

Life and Style's Lottie Wistow gives us a run-down of this year's festival fashion choices

Now that our exams are finished and our assignments are all handed in, it’s time to bask in the work-free and stress-free life that is summer (until September comes back around, anyway). And I think you’ll agree, the recipe for a fabulous summer includes at least one weekend of festival fun. So, I’ve put together a guide to help you release your inner festival fashionista this summer!

First things first, amongst the inevitability of mud pools, sleepless nights, rain (it is still an English summer after all), and the stickiness of a cocktail of spilt drinks, you’ll want to be comfortable. So, grab yourself some Doc Marten boots; they’re sturdy and waterproof, as well as being an on-trend shoe choice to edge-up an outfit. They also come in a range of colours, from black, as a more casual choice, to a bright red, adding a splash of colour to your outfit.

Another tip for you, that creates a festival look whilst also keeping you comfy, is to wear a floaty top of some kind. A vague suggestion you might think, but they can be found in a range of colours, patterns and styles, allowing you to find the right look to suit the vibe you’re going for. To create a Bohemian style, pair it with some ripped denim shorts and French plaits. This relaxed outfit will enable you to look summery and fresh all day (and night) long. For example, with this green floral number and this cold shoulder floral shirred top, both of which from ‘Nobody’s Child’.

Something of key importance, for every festival, is that your fashion be as wild and original as you can possibly make it

Something of key importance, for every festival, is that your fashion be as wild and original as you can possibly make it. A festival is the best opportunity you will have to wear whatever you want, expressing yourself through crazy styles that set the tone for the summer ahead. A trend that seems to be making its way into our wardrobes, is the use of wigs.

Now, if like me, you tend not to dress like this on a regular basis, festivals allow you to truly express your personality to its fullest potential, daring you to stand out from the crowd; this is the perfect time to say a much-deserved goodbye to the jeans and jumper combo that seemed to swamp our look during term-time.

Festivals allow you to truly express your personality to its fullest potential, daring you to stand out from the crowd

But, if a wig screams for a little more attention than you would perhaps like, swap it for a prop instead. From butterfly wings to fluffy earrings to hats, the internet is a wonderous place full of festival delights, just waiting for you to get your hands on. So, if you need a little inspiration to make your outfit that bit more festival-like, a prop is the ideal solution to re-invent your style. Also, the sun will (hopefully) be shining, and so it’s time to dust off your old sunglasses, or splash out on a new pair; sunnies are a vital accessory for every festival outfit. And, it’s essential that they be as groovy as possible, so go for either heart- or star-shaped frames, with yellow- or pink-tinged lenses. It’s the time of year to go accessory-mad, having fun in the sun, and looking appropriately stylish whilst doing so.

Finally, my last must-have outfit for you party-goers, is a colourful co-ord. Available in a number of styles, from skirt and jacket, to shorts and crop-top, this will not only create a fabulous look, but also make your outfit planning that much easier, where you will appear put together with little effort having been made; you could even wear the two-piece with alternate clothes, creating three different outfits and so more space in your suitcase for accessories and props (as you can tell, I’m a fan of the accessory option!). Examples of co-ords include this tropical toucan print duo and this floral ruffled, off-shoulder combo, both from ‘ASOS’.

I hope that my guidance for festival fashion has helped you to organise your style for the summer season, with a tick-list of the essential items you should be packing in your suitcase. But, amongst all this fashion planning, whatever you do, don’t forget to have fun (…or to bring the tent)!

3rd year English Language student and writer for Life&Style. (@lottie_wistow)


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