Some say ‘Money can’t buy you love’ but this doesn’t apply to Love Saves The Day according to Megan Gibson.

English Language Graduate, '17

Love Saves The Day is most definitely aimed at students – of that there is no doubt. So essentially, the festival should be student friendly. In some instances it was- the music was house, garage and grunge, there was a lot of alcohol on hand, a lot of dancing to do and you could even take part in a ping-pong tournament, but in other cases it certainly was not:

  1. Food: an essential part of a festival but only if you don’t mind spending more than £6 for a burger or a burrito (on its own). Ok, you could have bought chips, but you still have to delve into your purse for another £3.
  2. Drinks: another essential part of a festival, but at £4.20 for a pint and £7 for a cocktail the prices were extortionate. Unfortunately, once you are inside the gates to the festival, there is no getting out, so £4.20 each time you want an alcoholic drink can lead to a long bill at the end of the day.
  3. Shops/boutiques: it’s nice to have a mosey in and out of shops to discover outfits for the next festival or to get a new jacket for when it gets colder, however, items inside the boutiques included £235 leggings and £100 jackets. Who even brings that much to a festival!?
  4. Cash Machine: After splashing the cash throughout the day and coming to realise you have run out of money, there were cash machines on site, but before you could withdraw a £2.75 charge was added- that’s more than half a pint!

Essentially this festival thrives on you spending money, and in order to enjoy themselves that is what punters had to do.

SATURDAY- 23rd May

The first day of any festival includes the multitask of getting your bearings, sussing out the area and watching live music at the same time. Saturday’s acts included:

  • Rae Morris: one of the first acts I saw on Saturday’s line-up. Initially, I thought it was an odd act to have performing in a house and dance music atmosphere, but I went down to see how she would respond. Her keyboard virtuoso alongside her cracking live band had a great reception, and generated a large crowd. Definitely a good act to see live, creating so much energy from a single voice.
  • Groove Armada: a blast from the past that created nostalgia in everyone. Incorporating ‘Superstylin’’, ‘At The River’ and obviously ‘I See You Baby’ into their set, they certainly brought the ‘Noughties’ back. Having come back to play an array of festivals this year, including Isle of Wight and the almighty Glastonbury, this gig was a chance for them to get the ball rolling. Bringing electronic sounds to Love Saves The Day brought the extra love that was needed under the beautiful sun.

If you wanted a break from the music, there was plenty to do. The new venue at Eastville Park is a large venue to accommodate all of the stages and allowed space for an inflatable church to dress up and have a role-play marriage, a large ferris wheel, flying swings, a roller disco (hilarious after 8pm) a large boxing ring/dance floor, karaoke and a bunch of hammocks to relax in. The only downside came from the pure intensity of the music. With 9 stages playing music at the same time, if you were sitting on the hammocks or chilling in the middle of the site, your ears were filled with a mad mixture of sound.

SUNDAY- 24th May

After realising my mistake with money on the first day, the second was 10x better. No-one had to think about work the following day (it was a bank holiday) and it truly showed. It was a lot busier creating an uplifted atmosphere and an awful lot of love!

The sun hadn’t let us down again. I came on a full stomach and had taken money out beforehand to last me through the day; this was by far the better day out of the two. By arriving around 3pm, we walked into a sea of people and had enough energy to last the day. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for one poor guy and by the time headliner Azealia Banks was on stage, he was on the floor with his bum out.

For me, the highlight of the weekend was Dr Meaker’s set. Coming from Bristol themselves, the audience was very familiar and they knew how to work the crowd, bringing the ultimate Live Dance music. After interviews with Huw Stevens and being played on Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show many times, this band have climbed the ladders and have created top tracks including ‘Right Back’ and ‘Fighter’.

DJ EZ followed shortly after, and proceeded to blow minds in the Cloud 9 tent. If you haven’t come across this DJ before and like garage, I suggest you make yourself familiar. As soon as the crowd heard the signature ‘DJ EZ’ bursting through the speakers, everyone hit the roof; there really wasn’t a soul stood still.

That wasn’t the end of it; headlining Sunday’s mainstage was Azealia Banks fresh out of New York. Performing songs from her last album Broke with Expensive Taste and most recent songs ‘Yung Rapunxel’ shouting the words ‘I wanna be free’ through a bright red megaphone. With beats provided by DJ Cosmo, this was an exceptional finale for the festival. Dressed in a blue sparkly jacket with matching shorts and accompanied by two backup dancers, Banks put on one hell of a show as the sun disappeared over Eastville Park.

Although these acts didn’t start until around 8pm, there was a mass of reggae and jump-up to keep you on your feet with every tent or stage providing a constant burst of music. Personally, I am not the greatest fan of house music- I had heard of the festival locally and recognised only a few names on the line-up. Having said that, after that weekend my opinion has most certainly changed as I couldn’t stop moving, even if I was eating an £8 burger.

So if you are thinking about going to Love Saves The Day next year, don’t get me wrong, it is a great festival but here are a few tips:

  • Take cash out before you enter the festival and ensure that you have enough to last you through the day.
  • Don’t take more alcohol than you can drink in the queue because you won’t be allowed to take it in with you.
  • Eat a lot before you get there.
  • Take your own toilet roll as it soon runs out.
  • Most importantly, spread the fucking love!