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Third year English Literature and Classics student and Life&Style and Film writer.
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1989 by Taylor Swift: It’s been 2 years since Swift released her epic record-breaking RED, and now she’s back with a self-confessed ‘pop album’. The lyric snippets she’s been releasing daily on her Instagram though prove that her diary-like lyrical ability hasn’t been compromised for her new sound!

Building 25- The Free People Blog: On of my favourite online haunts, I especially love Free People’s blog during the autumn and winter time. A haven for the bohemian-spirit, FP’s blog is full of quirky and unique style guides, craft to-dos and veggie/vegan recipes. Warning: nothing will make you want to be a hippie flower child more than this blog.

Elie Saab: This Lebanese designer creates gowns fit for a fairy tale princess (literally, he’s designed for Queen Rania of Jordan in 1999!). Case in point, Lily Collins who stunned in the designer’s beautiful violet ombre gown at the recent premier of Love, Rosie in Rome.


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Wind: Autumn means knee-high socks, comfy jumpers, the campus looking beautiful in its reds and oranges, and PSLs. But autumn also means wind, and wind blows up skirts, messes up perfect-hair-days, and breaks your umbrella. Need I say more?

Costume problems: It’s that time again, as last-minute panic over what to dress up for Halloween hits. Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up more than the average 6-year-old, but why does every costume-shop-search have to end up with either slutty or childish?

The 80s resurgence: Iconic may it be as an era, how many times can it be ‘re-worked’ really?