L&S Writer Courtney Barclay’s take on this week Fierce&Finished…



Beauty Advent Calendars: Forget the chocolates throughout advent; instead find exciting mini beauty treats behind the doors this Christmas. From Benefit to The Body Shop, our favourite retailers have designed these cute (if slightly pricey) calendars so the beauty-obsessed can test all the new products for next season.

George Ezra: His husky, bluesy voice is something everyone should listen to at least once this year. Ezra’s debut No.1 album ‘Wanted on Voyage’ has been my soundtrack of 2014 and his tour in February is not one to miss.

Oversized Scarves: A trend seen all over campus as the weather gets colder and the nights come sooner. Keep it cosy with a blanket-size tartan scarf, paired with a cute beanie and a steamy gingerbread latte.



Layering up and Burning up: The ever-present issue when it comes to the frosty morning commute. Do you add that extra jumper and gloves to keep warm, only to face the itchy, sweaty heat once you step inside? Dilemma!

Catcalling: It’s intimidating and embarrassing and not the slightest bit complimentary, women should not be made to feel uncomfortable walking down the street It’s the 21st century, where wolf whistling is no longer as charming as it was in the 50’s.

Topshop Prices: Topshop is known for being on point when it comes to new trends and timeless pieces, but the price tags can bring tears to a girls eyes when on a student budget. Plus the weak student discount doesn’t give much to work with either, we may just have to live without that metallic mini skirt this year.