It’s our L&S Editors Amy and Bethany’s turn to take on this week Fierce&Finished…



She’s The Man: With everyone from Cara D to Jennifer Aniston rocking the tuxedo look in recent days, the androgynous trend is definitely here to stay. Accessorise with bright red lippy and some killer heels.

Elastic Heart- Sia:  The topic that’s on everyone’s lips. Whilst some people may focus on the controversy surrounding Shia LeBeouf and Maddie Ziegler, we think it’s the most artistic music video produced in a long time. See it and make up your own mind.

Pyjamas: Baby it’s cold outside… So all the more reason to stay indoors then. Shelter from the January Freeze in the toasty pyjama sets that you received for Christmas. We’re not getting out of ours till at least February!


Man Buns: Potentially the worst fashion trend in history, the man bun is a 2014 obsession that needs to die. Now. As more and more men try to work the scruffy lumberjack look, we find ourselves desperately looking for the scissors. Ditch the long hair and leave the buns to us guys!

Student Loans: Whoosh! that was the sound of our student loans taking a nice mini-break in our bank accounts, before jetting off to greener pastures. Our Old friend Mr Overdraft is back on the scene, but we’re not happy to see him.

New Years Resolutions: Hands up anyone who is actually still clinging on to theirs? Nope, us neither. It turns out the the only thing that will get you through January is alcohol and carbs- the more the better.


Written By: Amy Wakeham and Bethany Barley