This week’s Fierce and Finished according to Life&Style writer Carys Allott…



Workout Wardrobe: If you are going to work out, why not look good doing it? Check out the NikeLab X and Johanna Schneider Collection for inspiration and keep an eye open for bright and patterned print 2-piece sets online. Looking and feeling good in your kit will motivate you even more!

Ripped Jeans: These are all over the high street and online stores at the moment and can be dressed up or down. You don’t have to go for the extreme “destroyed” look, as small rips at the knee or simply distressed look jeans will still offer that vintage edge.

Nude lips: In terms of lipsticks, go for more of a pink nude for a neutral and fresh-faced look. This has recently been modelled on the red carpet by the likes of Kiera Knightly, Felicity Jones and of course Angelina Jolie.



Nail Art: The glitter, gems, swirls, colours and patterns can often be too much. One colour on the nails is the fail-safe option which gives a more subtle and sophisticated finish.

CBB: If there is nothing else on TV (and I mean nothing), perhaps I would switch on Celebrity Big Brother, just to try it. It might actually be good this year, right? Of course not! You will soon be reminded of the painful and boring viewing experience that it offers and it will likely leave you searching for the ‘off’ button even quicker than ever!

Too much brow: Overdrawn eyebrows never have been and never should be acceptable in the world of beauty. Big, dark, square block eyebrows need to disappear. In its place neat and perfectly plucked brows that are shaded with a natural coloured pencil or powder. Beautiful brows can work wonders in framing your face.


Written By: Carys Allott