Jade Woodhouse looks at what’s fierce and finished this week.

Written by Jade Woodhouse
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Michelle Obama: After launching her #62MillionGirls campaign last week, highlighting the lack of education for a shocking statistic of young females across the globe, Michelle Obama’s advice to young girls is both inspiring and important. The First Lady proved her rightful place on our fierce list this week stating that “There is no boy, at this age, cute enough or interesting enough to stop you from getting an education”. You tell ‘em!

Highlighter: A beauty product that seems to have burst into both high-end and drug store collections recently, with even a new ‘strobing’ trend becoming a popular look. Just because you’ve said goodbye to summer, doesn’t mean you can’t keep glowing.

Leopard Print: Though quite a daunting print to master, leopard print adds a touch of fierce glamour to any outfit. Whether it be a pop of leopard in the heels or a faux fur coat, this timeless classic adds character for any occasion. Bring out your inner Scary Spice!


Over-contouring: After scrolling through Kim Kardashian’s Instagram page, it’s obvious why contouring has become a popular trend but there’s a fine line between definition and over-contouring. There’s no need to completely change both your face shape and natural skin tone.

Missguided Delivery: Although Missguided is a common ‘go-to’ for cheaper fashion purchases, the delivery service is undoubtedly one of the worst. You’re lucky if your order arrives both on time and with the correct items, and the cost of delivery is hardly budget.

Selfie Sticks: So after months of seeing exotic locations from numerous different angles across Facebook, it’s time for the international use of selfie sticks to come to an end. We’re all for a good snap, but sometimes it’s best to just enjoy the view!  


Written By: Jade Woodhouse