Zoe Screti’s take on this weeks Christmas Fierce and Finished.

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Christmas Jumpers
The only time of year when wearing the tackiest, most in your face knitwear is allowed. Think fluffy, sequin bedecked, pom-pom-covered knits which colour clash in the most perfectly Christmassy ways and you won’t go far wrong.

Everything Sparkly
When else can you wear so many sparkles than at Christmas time? From shoes that twinkle more than Christmas trees to sequinned party dresses that sparkle, there is no limit to how many sparkles you can pull off during the festive period. Even guys are getting in on the act by weaving tinsel into their beards!

Four weeks away from university for the Christmas holidays means there is plenty of time to spend some quality time with your nearest and dearest. Whether you have a good catch up cosied up in front of the fire, have your traditional family argument over a board-game or all fall asleep in front of a movie, Christmas is the perfect time to spend time with the people you love.



Rudolf Noses
Yes, the weather is cold, yes, the weather is unpredictable and yes, it is nearly Christmas but that does not mean that we appreciate winter colds that leave us looking like Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.christmas shopping

Christmas Shopping
Shopping should be something enjoyable not a frantic dash through heaving crowds of people to find the perfect present which is probably out of stock anyway or in a box that has been mangled in the crush. The Christmas crowds definitely take the fun out of shopping.

Wild Weather Makeovers
You spend all that time getting ready in the morning only to arrive at lectures looking as though you slept in yesterday’s makeup, a bird is nesting in your hair and you decided to have a shower fully clothed. Brilliant (not!)