What is Fierce and Finished this week?

Written by Tara Kergon
Images by Boohoo , Michael Vadon


Bomber Jackets
The bomber is the jacket of the season, and there couldn’t be more ways to wear it – keep it simple and sporty, try out a print to update it for spring, or opt for something embellished and really make a statement. If you’re feeling brave get your hands on some patches or try your hand at embroidery to really be on top of the trend and entirely unique.

Following Burberry‘s “tears of joy” during LFW, glitter is officially back on our beauty radar. As a 90s kid I couldn’t be happier – bring on the body glitter and sequins (although glitter hair mascara can stay in the past!). Avoid looking too try-hard with an effortless scattering of gold glitter on your eyes  – perfect for easy glam on a night out, or save it for festival season!


Snapchat filters
I adore Snapchat, I really do – it’s fun, it’s quick, and there’s not as much pressure to look perfect as there is on Instagram – but honestly if I see another snap of my friends as dogs I’ll probably scream. The filters are so cute (I admit to using them all at least once), but getting virtually identical snaps over and over is so boring!

I’m still wearing faux fur in March and I couldn’t be more bitter about it. After months in my winter coats the excitement has passed and all I want is to pack them away – my SS16 wardrobe is just crying out to be worn! But the weather isn’t cooperating, and before we know it it’ll be Easter, with oncoming April showers. Come on England, give us a few days of sun – we’ve all got exams and a bit of warmer weather might just make the library commute bearable.

Donald Trump
For about 5 minutes it was funny to think that the predictions of The Simpsons were true, and that there was such a ridiculous US presidential candidate. But now after months of cringey comments (particularly that if Ivanka wasn’t his daughter he’d be dating her), insane policies, and even potential violence as seen on Monday before the polls, it’s actually getting a bit scary. He’s actually winning votes. So now I’m entirely over the novelty and a little worried – please, America, don’t make the rest of the world suffer Trump.