Life&Style writer Delfina Rainoldi on what’s fierce and finished this week…

Print Editor for the Travel Section. Third Year student studying International Relations with Political Science.


For a while now we have been seeing vegetarianism and veganism becoming more accepted in society. A range of vegetarian/vegan options have now been added to restaurant menus and many vegan restaurants are no longer seen as taboo places to non-vegans. A lot of this shift of perspective has been thanks to celebrities, Instagrammers and YouTubers promoting this healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Having always been a glitter fan, it is great to see it come into the limelight as something so cool, funky and fun. Designers are using it on their catwalk make-up and girls are using it on their nights out to add a bit of groovy-ness to their look through trends such as glitter tears and glitter freckles.

Gucci’s Fur-lined Slippers
These shoes are amazing, stylish and go with anything you wish to wear. They are a combination of textures (which is also a key trend at the moment) and are a gorgeous alternative option to boots and trainers.


Flared/Bootcut Trousers
I don’t know who thought it would be a good idea to bring back flared or bootcut trousers back into the fashion world. For two years now we have seen flares and bootcut trousers make a comeback at festivals and on catwalks; but please stop! They should be banned.

Kanye West
I am pretty sure Kanye West is either going through a midlife crisis or is simply going crazy. His egotistical, rude, condescending nature on social media is turning him, very quickly, into the most unliked celeb. Your music may be good Kanye but your attitude certainly isn’t.

The EU Referendum
Before the whole debate has properly even begun I am already tired of hearing people speak of it. I cannot wait for it to all be over, and hopefully we will stay within the EU.