Life&Style editor Zoe Screti tells us what is fierce and finished this week!

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Summer Balls
We’ve made it through another year of deadlines, stress and exams and now it is time to well and truly let our hair down! What better way to celebrate the end of term that getting all dolled up for a glitzy ball with course mates or society friends!

Vogue Goes Pop
After the success of Vogue’s first adult colouring book last year, they have decided to release a second one. Featuring the fashion of the swinging sixties, it is full of retro looks reminiscent of the likes of Twiggy and Mary Quant. Time to sharpen those pencils and get creative!

Red Lips
Usually resigned to autumn/winter, the statement red lip is here to stay this summer and we can’t get enough of it. From bright coral to deep burgundy, there is a shade to suit every skin tone and every mood.


Man Perms
After man buns we didn’t think male hair trends could get much worse but thanks to a certain Game of Thrones character, men are now rushing the hairdressers to get a perm. Whilst Jon Snow can pull it off, we’re not sure this is a trend that should take off…

It is one of this season’s hottest shades, promising to show off a summer tan in all its glory but there is so much stress involved in wearing all white! Between grubby public transport and meals or drinks that could spill, it is just more hassle than it is worth!

Thermal Highlighting
After Bitter Lace Beauty’s rainbow highlighter broke the internet a while ago, some beauty gurus took the radical step of using the product to thermal highlight- using the vivid colours to replicate the look of a thermal camera. Enough Said.