Imogen Lancaster gives us her take on what’s fierce and finished this week

Current Life&Style Print Editor, Former Life&Style Online Editor 17/18 and Deputy Editor 16/17. Primarily write for Life&Style. Fourth year English Language student, previously studied abroad in Canada.


Winter colours

With winter being just around the corner, the influx of winter colours in high-street clothing is in full-force. Although many of us (myself included!) usually resort to dressing in the dull monochrome variants of black and grey during this season, a splash of subdued colour never did any harm. Burgundy, Mustard and Khaki are back!

UoB jumpers

Never mind how ‘cringe’ it may be, we are loving the new design of the ‘University of Birmingham’ jumpers and hoodies. Now that we are experiencing the delights of the disappointing English weather, there is no excuse for not wearing one around campus! Who doesn’t love a bit of university pride?

Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are undeniably a timeless classic that every gal and guy should feature in their winter wardrobe. They return every winter like an old friend and are simultaneously stylish and practical in the chilly winter months. These are an absolute must-have in the world of boots.




Now that we are well into first term, the majority of sports initiations are done and dusted and well behind us! The sporty freshers amongst us most likely have the memories of alcohol-fuelled humiliation and outrageous trials and dares ingrained into our minds. Other than the committee members who take joy in this, the majority of freshers will be glad to see that back of initiations!

Cold houses

One of the less riveting aspects of student housing includes the fact that they are constantly bitterly cold. Being stingy students we tend to avoid putting the heating on until it is essentially unavoidable. But for now, many of us are stubbornly resisting the temptation of heating with countless layers and a strong willpower. But nevertheless this whole situation is finished!

Ivy Park clothing by Beyoncé

Despite being an avid Beyoncé fan, the Ivy Park active wear range is less than inspiring and undoubtedly overpriced. When comparing her clothing attire to other sporting ranges, hers doesn’t come across as anything special, just a media-publicised hype that has gained recognition solely for her celebrity status. And why did such a high-earning icon feel the need to price her garments so high?