Life&Style writer William Baxter explains what is Fierce and Finished this week

Written by William Baxter
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Corduroy: After being in the men’s style wilderness for a generation, cord is back. Shirts can be worn open over a tee, while the fabric would make a great choice for a Harrington style jacket. It’s been seen at Milan, which means that within six months it will be seen at Topman. Womenswear has already embraced this retro trend and it’s about time for men to catch up.
Black Tie: Proper, traditional black tie – think James Bond, not year eleven prom. That means a self-tie bow tie, Marcella or pleated shirt and a dinner suit specifically for evening wear. A decent black-tie ensemble is timeless and will weather any sartorial storm.
Layering: Spring may be around the corner, but it’s still cold enough in the mornings and evenings to warrant multiple layers. Think cotton sweaters, cashmere jumpers or lightweight jackets. Layering items are still easy to find – all of these items will be available as the last of AW16 stock or will be coming through with the SS17 collections.


Light Denim: There are three simple rules for men’s denim: slim, dark and plain. Jeans are the number one classic wardrobe staple, but that also means it’s very easy to get them wrong. Remember – light denim jeans were worn by your dad in the early nineties, so unless you’re aiming to look like Jeremy Clarkson, stick to the classics.
Tailored Joggers: The ultimate in “I can’t be arsed” fashion, wearing tailored joggers outside of the house simply demonstrate to the rest of the world that you’re not good enough at your chosen sport to be wearing UoB branded trackies, which are the only acceptable alternative. Invest instead in casual jeans that can be dressed up or down, meaning that they are a far more versatile wardrobe piece.
Lad’s Holiday Fashion: Anything still hanging in your wardrobe that’s featured in a “Magaluf 2K15” album on Facebook needs to go. This means overly vibrant short-sleeve print shirts, bad shorts or any ‘ironic’ nickname tees. Remembering the past is a good thing, but that doesn’t mean it has to be worn to lectures.