Life&Style editor Zoe Screti tells us what’s Fierce and what’s Finished in the run up to Christmas

Images by Redbrick


1) Christmas movies
From rom-coms to pure cheese, Christmas films cover it all. They are the perfect excuse to take a study break, get cosy in front of the TV with a lovely hot chocolate and feel all fuzzy and warm inside about the festive season. Guaranteed to make even a total grinch smile!

2) Berry Tones
An autumn staple. berry tones are still beautiful throughout winter. From deep velvets to glossy lips, there are so many ways to incorporate these shades into your look. Why not give them a little Christmas twist with a hint of glitter too! The perfect combination.

3) Clothes Show Live
It may be the last one in Birmingham before it moves to Liverpool but, undeniably, Clothes Show is one of the highlights of the year for any fashionista. With so many great brands, a sprinkling of celebrities and a spectacular cat walk show there is so much to love about this event – and it’s right on our doorstep!


1) Holographic Make Up
Whilst the new array of holographic lip glosses, highlighters and eyeshadows might be insta-worthy they are definitely not something that can be pulled of in real life.

2) Crop Tops
They may have been a wardrobe essential over summer and yes, they can look great, but surely it is too cold to be baring your midriff right now?! I’ll definitely be sticking to cosy jumpers for a while!

3) Tights
They are an essential in the colder winter months but tights are an absolute pain! You pull on a pair only to find out that every pair you own has some form of hole or ladder, then spend the whole day sorting out your granny ankles.