Life & Style writer Katelyn Ryder looks at what is fierce and finished this week.

I'm a first year English and Classical Literature and Civilisation student.
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Au Naturel Hair
Think waves, curls and body. After all who has the time to blow dry and straighten only to step outside and have all your hard work ruined by disruptive winds and drizzling rain? Just wash and go or plait your hair and leave it to dry for casual waves and added definition.

Reading Weekcreme egg
For the lucky ones, this week is a great time to have a major catch up, both with family and friends and unfinished work (although we obviously do all of our reading all of the time – not!). This is the perfect opportunity to go home, catch up with family, appreciate home cooked food and have a nice long relax before exams roll around.

Cadbury’s Creme Eggs
These delicious eggs of sugary gloop are back again and they never fail to disappoint. And this year there is even a Creme Egg restaurant to satisfy our appetites for the sweet treats. So pick some up and enjoy them while you can, although try not to eat them all at once!


lip-1147365_960_720Chapped Lips
With Valentine’s day just around the corner, chapped lips are definitely not what we want! No matter how much lip balm you apply, they are still dry and the gale force winds outside are only making them worse!

Boohoo Delivery
Seriously though, when will they sort it out? It’s a miracle if your parcel comes on time or if it even comes at all! The disappointment of them cancelling your order of that dress you really wanted is just too much to handle sometimes.