Travel writer Laura Botia explains how to find cheap flights for travelling around Europe

Written by Laura Botia
Redbrick Travel Editor BA English Literature student
Images by Josh Hallett

For most people, interrailing is the best option for cheap travel around Europe as it offers discounted ticket prices for numerous trains. However, for those of us who do not have a month to spare or would rather spend longer in a few different countries, travelling by plane can actually be vastly cheaper.

Using my own experience I have gathered together a few top tips on how to book the cheapest flights.

I was able to travel to Amsterdam, Venice and Malaga at the start of June, all for just £170! Whereas, the cheapest interrail global pass (allowing travel to multiple destinations in Europe) costs £190 for discounted travel on five days within a period of 15.

Using comparison sites such as Skyscanner, Kayak or Momondo shows flights from all airlines on the same day going to the same destination. This allows you to judge the flight prices against one another, so you can find the cheapest flight for the cheapest time on the cheapest day.

In my experience, an effective way to travel (providing you have no current plans of what countries to visit) is to begin in those nearest the UK – such as France or Amsterdam – and continue on from there. Having a methodical plan of the order of countries visited means the overall cost of all travel will be abundantly cheaper. This is because the shorter the flight time, the cheaper the flight is (usually).

Another top tip is to avoid travelling on popular days/times. For example, if you can travel outside of school holidays then this would be extremely valuable in saving money, as flight prices tend to double during the Summer months and even at Easter and Christmas. Additionally, travelling on weekdays is significantly cheaper than travelling at the weekend, with Tuesday being the cheapest day to fly. If you can, try to pick this as your flight day and leave the others for exploring the city and taking in the sights.

There is nothing quite like booking a holiday and having something to look forward to so try to keep the process of planning as stress-free as possible, occasionally choosing a flight that is £4 more expensive but at a suitable time, or from a closer airport – this will help massively when it comes to the actual journey!

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