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UOB Student Petition Triumph for the Homeless

HSBC removes anti-homeless spikes outside their New Street branch in response to public pressure. Jenny Hughes and Nicole Jeary interview UoB student responsible for said petition.

UoB Students Pay Their Respects to Terrorism Victims

On Monday evening, University of Birmingham students gathered at Mermaid Square to show their support and respect for the victims of recent terrorist attacks in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad.

Senior Labour Councillor resigns amidst criticism of Sir Albert Bore’s leadership

Senior Labour councillor, James McKay, resigned from his position as Councillor of Harborne on Tuesday.

Survey finds Birmingham Students Happy with their Choice of University

Research carried out by the NUS on behalf of Endsleigh found that 89% of students in Birmingham are satisfied with their choice of university. James Moore reports.

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Housing Policy: Couldn’t Corbyn Try To Be a Little Realistic?

Comment Writer Tom Young argues that Jeremy Corbyn's housing plans are unrealistic and insubstantial, as well as being destructive for students


Election 2015: One Big Joke

Viral videos proved to be more popular than the polling station during the election. Sabrina Dougall explores the consequences.