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How to get over the January ‘Blues’

Feeling those January blues? Life & Style writer Charlotte Simpson gives us advice on how to get over them.

January is the month of new beginnings and a clean slate for all. But it must be said, we never feel as enthused as this statement suggests we should. It’s no secret that January is nobody’s friend. It’s the time to accept Christmas is over for yet another year, and for us to return to reality. But there are ways to combat those ‘January Blues’ and rid yourself of that ‘Monday’ feeling.


Make a plan

Organisation and direction are crucial in making you feel more optimistic and positive towards the New Year. Plan what you’re going to achieve, what you’re going to do and where you’ll visit this year. Looking forward to something special will erase any fond memories of Christmas and replace them with fresh, new and exciting prospects.

Surround yourself with positivity

Nobody wants to listen to a moaner. It will only prolong your January ‘Blues’ and instill negative thoughts into your head, leading towards a downward spiral. Instead, immerse yourself into positivity and talk to those who inspire you, those with a passion for life.

Go out with friends

Who said we should only celebrate at Christmas? Continue the fun and engage with those who make you laugh. January is the start of a new month, and a new year so, start as you mean to go on. Let’s face it, without the company of those around us (and a few cocktails), how else will we get through the dreary January evenings? Plus, ‘dry January’ was never going to work!

Ignore fad diets and motivational speeches about health

We hate to see food go to waste, so postpone the 2016 diet until February. Finish off the rest of the goodies that remain from the Christmas period. Whilst we recognise the significance of healthy living, depriving yourself of the indulgent food that you’ve been so accustomed to will only bring your January ‘Blues’ into the foreground. Ween yourself off gradually so that you’re not plummeted into the deep depths of sadness whilst grazing on that carrot stick.

That atrocious Monday feeling is just once a week, so that constant feeling through January should be avoided like the plague. Following the above can reiterate to you that January is what you make it; you definitely get out of it what you put in. Whilst you hurl back into reality, take time to address the points above in order to shake off any negative feelings associated with January. And, if all else fails, February is just around the corner!

3rd year English Language student and writer for Life & Style.


20th January 2016 at 6:43 pm

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