7 days of fun events will challenge university students to fight climate change – starting with their campus.

News Editor and final year English student.

Starting from Monday 9th February, those who live and study at the University of Birmingham will have the chance to take part in a week of events surrounding the issue of environmental damage. Go Green Week is a scheme originally started by environmental charity People and Planet. Students from the University will be running their own version again.

As part of the initiative, students will be invited to take part in a number of activities to increase awareness of their impact on the environment. On Tuesday, students can get involved in making a video highlighting key environmental issues which will be shown at Shackleton reception in days to come. A static ‘smoothie bike’ will be set up in The Hub on the Vale on the same day, allowing students to blitz up a healthy drink using their own muscle power.

As a follow-up to the awareness events, a quiz will take place on Sunday 8th February at the Duck and Scholar at the Hub on the Vale  to test if students know their polar caps from their glacial melts. A similar event is planned for Pritchatts Park as well.

‘Many students are good at separating rubbish and recycling where they can'

GREG and a small staff team of three students and twelve volunteers are working together with the University and the Guild of Students to encourage environmentally friendly habits amongst the student population. Working predominantly within student accommodation, the team are also behind the GREG recycling campaign which runs throughout the year.

‘Many students are good at separating rubbish and recycling where they can. However, there’s still improvements to be made in terms of raising awareness of the issue,’ said a spokesperson from the team.

Also in the pipeline are information videos for international students who arrive at UoB for pre-semester language courses. As a result of differing recycling habits, many of these students end up disposing of re-usable materials as general waste.

Later in the year, students can expect to see the return of the annual ‘Bottle Amnesty’. Residents of the Vale, Pritchatts Park and Jarratt Hall will have the opportunity to recycle glass bottles typically leftover from pre-drinks and parties.

‘Lining up bottles alongside the windows of kitchens is actually against the accommodation contract,’ one of the GREG team told Redbrick, ‘It also puts some pressure on students who don’t drink to conform to a culture of alcohol consumption and doesn’t give a great impression on open days.’ Last year over 4000 bottles were collected and sent for recycling.