News’ Erin Santillo, Phoebe Radford and Sophie Woodley confirm the winners of the Guild Elections 2018

Images by Phoebe Radford

Last night (Saturday 3rd March) saw the conclusion of a week of campaigning and months of policy preparation as the results for the Guild Elections 2018 were revealed. Fifty candidates battled out for positions on the part-time and full-time officer teams, but only fifteen could win. Here are the results:


Full-Time Officer Team 2018/19

President: Reece Roberts

Welfare & Community Officer: Izzy Bygrave

Education Officer: Adam Goldstone

Activities & Employability Officer: Robyn Macpherson

Sports Officer: Simon Price

Postgraduate Officer: Jessica Small

International Officer: Cho Park


Part-Time Officer Team 2018/19

Anti-Racism; Anti-Fascism Officer: Janiece Jackson

Commuter Students’ Officer: Jules Singh

Disabled Students’ Officer: Shamima Akhtar & Jay Martin

Ethnic Minority Students’ Officer: Damilola Oyeleke

LGBTQ Students’ Officer: Josie Hyde & Jess Rutland

Mature Students’ Officer: Lauren Kennedy

Trans Students’ Officer: Finn Humphris

Women’s Officer: Holly & Alif


The total number of votes recorded at this election was 8,160. All results displayed here are provisional until officially confirmed by the returning officer.