Life and Style Writer Molly Brooker tells us how to easily create 5 different Halloween makeup looks to create easy, inexpensive costumes for the season

Written by Molly Brooker
Third Year History Student.
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For a lot of people, deciding what to be for Halloween can be difficult; everything is either too complicated, too over the top or too damn expensive. Personally. I have always been the biggest fan of Halloween, there is nothing I love more than dressing up and playing around with makeup. And if you don’t fancy paying extra to wear an unflattering costume there are countless makeup ideas that you can pair with everyday clothes to create a convincing look for the night ahead. Below are 5 easy makeup ideas for you to test out this Halloween season.

The Clown

This is an absolute classic for Halloween. Clown makeup is generally made up of 3 core components: triangle eyes, button nose and elongated mouth. These act as a guideline, I encourage you to play around with the three components and experiment. All you need is a black eyeliner pencil/pen, and a lipliner and lipstick colour of your choice.

  1. Firstly I suggest putting on your regular makeup as you usually would, or alternatively using a paler/white foundation to create the pale face of a clown (the look works either way).
  2. Next use your eyeliner to trace out two triangles, one beginning at the top of your eyebrow and growing upwards, and the other beginning at the bottom of your eye and growing downwards.
  3. Repeat this on the other eye and fill it in. Obviously this is only a guide, you can alternate colours and even number of triangles depending on what works for you.
  4. For the Nose, simply draw a simple circle and fill it in – again with whatever colour you prefer.
  5. Finally create an elongated mouth by lining the the lips from the middle out, continuing the smile outwards of your lips edge into a longer, wider shape. Fill this in with your desired colour and voila.

What to pair with this look: Striped or checked trousers/skirt, with any plain block coloured top. Prop wise, balloons on a single piece of string are super cheap to purchase and give off that creep clown vibe; think Stephen King’s IT enticing children with a red balloon.

The Scarecrow

If you’re looking for low maintenance and minimal fuss this look is perfect. The scarecrow look has four main components: extended lower lash, rosy cheeks, stitched mouth and patchwork nose. All you need is eyeliner, and a lipstick in either pink or orange (if you have it).

Firstly apply your regular foundation and eye makeup.

  1. Use your eyeliner to create the look of extended eyelashes on your bottom lid by drawing lines downwards from your bottom lid.
  2. Next create the rosy cheeks by drawing to large circles on either cheek with your lipstick.
  3. Then with your eyeliner, draw small lines around the edge of the circle about a cm apart, to give the impression of stitching to the cheeks.
  4. For the patchwork nose a similar technique is used, create an oval on the edge of the nose using your lipstick and then work around the edge drawing a few small lines to create the patchwork.
  5. Finally colour your lips in using you lipstick before drawing two lines from the edges of your mouth outwards into a smile, and once again drawing the stitches across the line.

What to pair with this look:A checked shirt and blue jeans, with pigtails and braids in your hair.

The Alien

This a look I have done before and I absolutely love because it involves copious amounts of glitter. I personally believe it is the simplest of all three looks because essentially all you need to do is make yourself look as shiny and as colourful as possible. You may need to spend slightly more money however as this look requires either body glitter, or stick on sequins and jewels, as well as bright eyeshadow and lipstick.  This look is all about the glitter so start by applying your usual makeup for a night out, (I advise picking a colourful eyeshadow – NYX Bright Ultimate Shadow Pallette is great for colours). In applying the glitter you should:

  1. Pick where you want the glitter to go, the best places are in a crescent shape on the outside of each eye (starting about the eyebrow and ending at the cheekbone) or underneath the eye in a triangular shape.
  2. Apply a base of anything that will help the glitter stick for the entire night, I recommend hair gel of any sort, it is perfect for keeping the glitter in place and does not stay sticky.
  3. Either with the help of a friend or by yourself apply a base of fine glitter in either gold or silver, using a makeup brush to control the fall out. (NYX Pigments are good for this).
  4. Next use a chunkier, more colourful glitter on top of your base to fill in the gaps and complete the look.
  5. Glitter can also be applied in smaller quantities to the corner of your eye, in your hair parting or just generally sprinkled on your entire body.

What to pair with this look:Any glittery/shiny/metallic piece of clothing you can find, it doesn’t matter if they clash you’re an alien! I also suggest buying a cheap pair of deely-boppers off ebay or amazon, or alternatively putting your hair in space buns.

The Fortune Teller

This is look is without a doubt my favourite, and can be made with very little and still look amazing. Once again for this all you will need a small amount of glitter eyeliner, lipstick and a lipliner slightly darker than the lipstick. This look is very flexible and really up to your own interpretation. From looking online there is nothing that strictly defines the makeup of this costume. So use your imagination and take inspiration from others.

  1. Complete your usual makeup routine for a night out, although I advise doing a winged eye if you are able.
  2. Create a base for your glitter using hair gel underneath each eye, and using a brush place a small amount underneath this eye, starting wide and gradually thinning out. The glitter can be as big and as bright as you want.
  3. Using the eyeliner draw a symbol on your forehead, this can be a half moon, a star, a third eye, or even basic shapes such as a triangle or lines and dots in a pattern.
  4. Finally fill in your lips with your lipstick before drawing a single line in the middle of your bottom lip, using the darker lipliner.

What to pair with this look:This looks requires accessories to truly come to life, take any necklaces that you have, specifically if they have moon, star or sun designs and layer them alongside chokers or shorter necklaces. Use a thin piece of material in any pattern to create a headscarf, a bandana will also work. Finally a plain bardot or similar top alongside a colourful skirt or trousers will complete the look.

The Devil

This look is another classic for Halloween, and it is really easy to spice it up or take the look to the next level. You will need a red lipstick, red lipliner, black eyeshadow and fake blood.

  1. Firstly apply your normal makeup for a night out, probably with a darker eyeshadow or heavy eyeliner if you prefer.
  2. Taking a thin eyebrow brush, draw two thin lines downwards from the middle of each eye, to below the cheek in the black eyeshadow.Then go over these lines in the red lipliner
  3. With the help of a friend or alone, drip the fake blood from the top of the line downwards to the bottom, so it looks like the blood has dripped down naturally from your eye.
  4. This next step is optional depending on your personal preference. Use your red lipliner again to draw a five-pointed star in the middle of your forehead. Around the star draw a circle (this is a sign often used in satanism). Using a thin brush go over this sign with the fake blood, trying not to let it drip too much.

What to pair with this look: Literally any red piece of clothing that you own and some devil horns. Easy peasy.


Hopefully these ideas will give you inspiration and guidance for your next costume, play around and have some fun. Halloween is about experimenting and expression so please above all enjoy yourself!