Gaming Editor James Law got his paws on upcoming game Hamsterdam, the adorable upcoming rodent-based brawler. Become a kaRATe master

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Muse Games, the developers of the steampunk team-based airship battle game Guns of Icarus have been working on something a little bit special. In what seems like a significant departure from the formula of their other game, Hamsterdam began as a pet project, and has ended up exceeding everyone’s expectations by being subject to an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign which will allow the game to be released in full. Developer Wendy Fritscher spoke to us at EGX about the growth of the project, and told us about how from those humble beginnings as a side project, it is going to be released on mobile, PC, Mac, Switch, and PS Vita. Combining the most adorable protagonist I’ve ever seen, Pimm the hamster, with a snarky attitude and sweet kung-fu skills, Hamsterdam is one of those games that just makes you smile. Maybe it’s because I have a hamster who looks a lot like Pimm. You decide.

Tasked with taking down an evil mob boss chinchilla, Pimm must work his way through the city of Hamsterdam, getting ever deeper into spooky dark territory as the game progresses. The control scheme is an intuitive mix of tapping and swiping, on the tablet version I played, and it mixes planned combinations of hits with intuitive reactions to (still kinda cute) baddies. I almost feel bad smacking up these cute lil rodents. Until I miss a counter attack and they slap poor Pimm across the face.

The final total raised on Hamsterdam’s Kickstarter was $15,725, given by 699 backers – indicative of just how pumped people are getting. Full disclosure: I’m one of those backers. Games too often try to take themselves too seriously. The market for cuteness is there – just look at the number of followers puppy accounts get on Twitter – but no one seems able to quench that desperate desire for angry cartoon fighting hamsters (other moods, art styles, genres, and animals are available).

Hamsterdam is fun, whimsical, and adorable. A lot of us have our eyes out for stuff like this. It’s gonna be fab.