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Hands On: Never Give Up

Massive Monster turn the Redbrick Gaming team into rage monsters, with their super hard platformer, Never Give Up

After Redbrick Gaming had got hands on with Ant-Workshop’s Binaries, we foolishly thought we had great skill, stamina, patience and that we could handle the next fiendish puzzle game with grace and composure. That is until we got hands on with Massive Monster’ latest arcade platformer. Never Give Up. The game that’s designed to make you rage!

Designed to be a really hard arcade game, which has been play tested by multiple gaming youtubers; who can certainly attest for its increasing difficulty. Previously a flash game, encouragingly called Give Up and Give Up 2, Never Give Up takes it up a notch with its move onto the Unity engine and the Steam store. Packed with tons of pop culture references on a multitude of world stages, which only get harder with every level cleared. Join the hero of the series, Tasslefoot, a blue sarcastic stick man, voiced by EgoRapter (Arin Hanson), who will leap, duck and run through as many of the 250 plus levels you can manage.


In my case it wasn’t very many, as I was constantly humorously insulted, whether I cleared the level or not. The game had me in stitches, as I once again was plastered to the controller in my multiple bids to clear the levels, as they got harder and harder, learning from my mistakes and avoiding the blood left behind from my past failures. This game kicked my blood pressure and rage higher than Binaries, which was only tempered by the humorous dialog and the developer's belief in me as he stood beside me chuckling too.

Already Greenlit on Steam, the developers have already said the game is 75-80% done with a few tweaks to be made such as, making levels harder and witing and recording some more insults . Never Give Up is a perfect title for this ridiculously hard arcade that turns even the calmest pacifist nasty and with the developers relishing the chance at causing more chaos, you can expect a lot more screaming from us at Redbrick Gaming when we play the full release, especially as we take advantage of the level builder to inflict levels of rage upon each other. For now perhaps we should go and play their more sedate and sane, Super Adventure Pals, to calm our frazzled nerves and lower my blood pressure.

Redbrick Gaming Editor, who also occasionally dabbles in the dark arts of other sections. Graduating July 2018 (@roshofalltrades)


3rd November 2016 at 4:24 pm

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