Gaming editor Roshni Patel became the villain she always wanted to be, in quirky comedy hack and slash, The Hatching

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It’s no secret that I love interesting and quirky indies, see Serial Cleaner, Manual Samuel, and The Breakfast Club. So, when I heard about The Hatching, I was almost certain it would fit into the same funny and quirky category. Based upon the premise of the b-movie horror film of the same name, The Hatching allows you to step into the shoes of the villain, and let’s be honest, who’s never wanted to do that?

Set loose into the English countryside, you begin your rampage as a giant crocodile, slashing, hacking, and eating its way through Somerset, one village and town at a time. Prowl through the streets in search of your natural aquatic habitat, and kill whoever gets in your way. Kill them violently, sneak up and kill them near silently, or just rage out and slash off their heads. However you wish to cut through the townspeople is up to you, as you kill and eat villagers to regain your health and raise your bloodlust to rage out. Featuring a simple slogan “Kill. Eat. Repeat” the mechanics of The Hatching are blindingly clear and simple, yet the demo never got stale.

The Hatching

After playing through the tutorial and witnessing some of the great gory graphics and cut-scenes, players are turned out onto the streets of a small town and tasked to find their way back to the canal. Stealthily creeping down the road, I immediately started stealthily killing villagers, opting to slash, hack, and mangle villagers who got too feisty with me. While this was all well and good, I personally found that if I didn’t pay careful attention to my health bar or eat enough villagers, I was easily killed by guns and projectiles, with my co-editor James repeatedly felled by police incendiaries later on. Despite the game sounding repetitive, the demo certainly didn’t feel that way, as we tried our best to get closer to the canal on each run, thinking up better strategies to manage health and kill villagers more efficiently.

While there were only 2 maps in the demo, the team plan to expand further into Somerset as well as add in more comical settings such as Glastonbury Festival, Brighton Pier and Stonehenge, so you can eat unsuspecting tourists too. Due for release in 2019, The Hatching has effectively built upon the bones of it’s movie inspiration to create a game that is a great laugh to play, especially if you’re from the UK.