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Impressions: Death Stranding

Nick Burton provides impressions from all that's been revealed from Kojima's next highly-anticipated project so far, Death Stranding

Having only played one Metal Gear Solid, and that one being Ground Zeroes for only a few hours, seeing the first reveal trailer to dissecting the 8-minute long trailer that was recently exposed to the world, it has been fascinating to see the development of Kojima’s next game Death Stranding. This is the first Kojima game I am extremely interested in, and although it probably won’t be out until 2019/2020 (If you think otherwise you underestimate how long game development takes), I wanted to talk about what we might expect from the highly anticipated title.

Death Stranding looks unique for several reasons. The world looks fascinating, with black and white taking the stage as the primary colours. Although bleak, the world is inhabited by what looks like babies inhabiting humans, or human bodies. In the first trailer we saw Norman Reedus hold a baby close to him, and Kojima has since gone on to explain some of the first gameplay details of Death Stranding. Apparently, the babies are what you actually are, and you are inhabiting the bodies of people. There is an alien/monster like virus spreading throughout the world, some of which are invisible. This opens up an element of horror (PT) and suspense. Not always knowing where the enemy is will be great to work out so as to navigate to safety.

We’ve known for a while the game is a 3rd person action game, in similar vein to Metal Gear Solid. What we didn’t know until the end of last year, is that when you die in-game, you will be transported underwater in 1st person, and will have to make your way through whatever obstacles are in your way to make it back to your body or perhaps a different a body. This is what got me really excited about the game; Kojima is changing the foundations of a well-known concept in gaming. ‘Game Over’ is no longer game over. It is part of the gameplay. The result: something that changes the concept of what is in almost every game. Another result being a game you probably can’t put down. Literally. 

These unique gameplay facts alongside the interesting world of Death Stranding, the thoughtful music pieces, and extremely talented cast involved with the project (Madds Mikkelsen standing out as the best character in a trailer I’ve ever seen) makes this game one of the highest on the priority list. Even without the reputation of Kojima, this game looks fascinating to me. Everything seems so thought-out, different, and exciting. At this point in time it is hard to guess the over-arching story and gameplay, so I’ll leave you with all the trailers we’ve had until now (The 2nd trailer being my favourite). Feel free to conjure conspiracies by the dozen. Any could be right.


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