Life&Style writer Sophie Cunnigham gives her ‘official’ ranking of the Kardashian-Jenner girls…

Written by Sophie Cunningham
Life & Style writer
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It’s all too easy to judge the Kardashians and Jenners as ‘famous for being famous’ but nobody can deny that the documentation of their lives is a definite guilty pleasure, which is all too hard to resist when in a vulnerable and rough-from-the-night-before state. Keeping up with the Kardashians is the perfect pick-me-up from the lingering 4pm hangover. The big question is: who’s your favourite? Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie or Kendall?

  1. KhloeKhloe_Kardashian
    It has got to be said… I’m in love with the KoKo! In her hardest times, Khloe has had immense heart break and has even been branded the ‘ugly’ Kardashian! Through a miracle life-makeover, in more recent times, it cannot be denied that she is staggeringly beautiful on the outside as well as in. Everyone is a sucker for a most improved, and out all the 5 girls, Khloe comes out on top.
  2. Kourtney
    Kourtney has always been known to be the other half to Lord Scott Disick, with their relationship always on the rocks. As they have recently split up, Kourtney is being seen for the first time as a powerful and independent individual, ‘who don’t need any man to complete her’. Sending out positive vibes to all the singletons out there crying into their Ben and Jerrys. Go Kourt!
  1. Kim
    The dream girl who’s got the husband and the kid and loves them almost as much as taking a selfie. The one that broke the internet, Kim is undeniably banging. But, with a capital B, she really needs to stop uploading photos of her pregnancy boobs onto Instagram. That is a selfie, or rather ‘belfie’, I modestly draw the line at.
  2. Kylie
    On the surface she is unbelievably faultless. Unfortunately though, she has an air of fakeness & falsity about her, feebly denying that her ever growing lips hadn’t gone under the knife. It promotes unhealthy lessons to young girls who need to know that beauty is not only skin deep. If only she spent five minutes away from the mirror, she’d notice there is more to life than lip liner and her front camera!Kendall_Jenner_Cannes_2014_(cropped)
  3. Kendall
    I’m sorry, I know she is incredible! She models for Chanel, with envy-worthy eyebrows and has Cara Delevingne for a best friend. Like Kylie, on the surface she is perfect, but her slightly too serious personality seems to suffer in the shadows of the other girls, who are by no means shrinking violets!