Outgoing Gaming editor and esports correspondent Roshni Patel watches the flight path, as Europe fights it out to qualify for the first PUBG Global Invitationals in Berlin

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After an exhilarating weekend of matches in the Leicester Haymarket Theatre, the three strongest and cunning teams secured their tickets to the first PUBG Global Invitationals in Berlin. While some teams were almost destined to go through from the beginning, others had a challenging struggle to rise through the rankings to the all important top 3, who would be advancing to Berlin.

Featuring a unique tiered stage set-up to accommodate 20 teams 4-man squads, each of the matches saw 80 of Europe’s best players fight through the odds to rack up kills and win those all important chicken dinners. Played on sunny Erangel, players jumped out 15 times over the weekend, collecting 15 points for each confirmed kill and 500 points points for every win, with ranks 2-19 also receiving some points for survival. As points were thrown around quite frivolously and with many targets to gain kill points from, there were as to be expected, some crazy plays and amazing feats of survival.

While there were many story lines thrown about by the analysts over the weekend, no story line was bigger than Faze clan vs Team Liquid, or rather brother on brother, as Faze’s Jembty went against his twin brother in Liquid, Sambty. Heralded as Faze’s tournament to lose, Liquid showed up big, as a team who weren’t even supposed to compete, after placing 6th in their group. However, fate was clearly on their side, as Team VALHALLA’s banned player saw them disqualified, allowing Team Liquid the chance to shine on the stage. Starting as they meant to go on, Liquid came into the weekend like juggernauts taking on Method 4 on 4 to win the first match, and secure themselves a place in the top 3, where they remained for the entire weekend, despite “show up on a Sunday” Faze Clan biting at their heels. Finishing the weekend in 1st, Team Liquid denied FaZe Clan a ticket to Berlin, despite Faze’s best efforts, which even saw Faze’s Jembty take out his brother Sambty to kick off their return to form on Sunday.

PUBG Global Invitationals Stage

Second place was secured by Welcome To South George (or rather South Georgopol), formerly team Kinguin, who rose through the ranks from page 2 (ranks 11-20) to the top 3 over the course of 7 rounds. Becoming the fan favourites, Welcome To South George (WTSG) won few times over the weekend and led the tournament in confirmed kills, racking up 110 over the weekend. WTSG were followed by the Pittsburgh Knights, who secured the 3rd and final qualify position, after their monster 99 kills and 400 point lead ahead of Faze Clan.

Finishing on a high with an appearance by the PlayerUnknown himself, Brendan Greene, audiences were left wanting more as the PUBG Global Invitationals 2018 draws near. Qualifying teams who have taken a short break will soon be returning to practice, as they get ready to outsmart squads from around the globe in the first major international tournament hosted by PUBG Corp’s parent company Bluehole Inc in Berlin, the PUBG Global Invitationals 2018.