Hannah Strong samples the 5 Seconds Of Summer live show.

Written by Hannah Strong
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Images by Dave J Hogan

Coinciding with their latest release Sounds Good Feels Good, 5 Seconds of Summer stopped at the Genting Arena in Birmingham on their Sounds Live Feels Live tour. The Aussie based band consisting of Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings have been lurking the music industry since late 2012 and have become one of the most respected pop-punk bands out there in just a few years. With high intense energy and incredible raw talent, 5 Seconds of Summer are an extremely talented band, making it a pleasure to spend a Thursday evening with them.

Having been fortunate to see 5 Seconds of Summer live numerous times and watch them progress to bigger, more iconic venues each time, seeing them headline their 2nd UK arena tour was pretty incredible. The 16,000 attendees didn’t phase the band – they still took the time to truly connect with the audience. The crowd’s spirits were somewhat high as the support act Jessarae took the stage, warming up the crowd and singing a great cover of Selena Gomez’s ‘Same Old Love’. After what then seemed like an eternity, the lights went down and the arena was in full scream and happiness mode as 5SOS entered the stage.

'They emitted high energy with their iconic guitar riffs and drumbeats, engulfing screams and yells from the crowd'

Opening their set with one of their slower songs, ‘Carry On’, may seem like a strange way to open a show, but it worked. With nothing but their voices and a dim light, the audience was automatically captivated by their strong vocals and presence before the iconic drum beat took over and the band proceeded to sing their hit single ‘Hey Everybody’. They emitted high energy with their iconic guitar riffs and drumbeats, engulfing screams and yells from the crowd. 5 Seconds of Summer’s performance was sleek, uplifting, and included a variety of old and new tracks, pleasing the oldest and newest fans. 5SOS are pretty underrated when it comes to musical talent; people tend to write them off as just another One Direction boy band but just one listen to the live guitar riffs and bass solos and that stereotype is clearly not true.  The chemistry between the band was astounding, creating an entertaining atmosphere throughout the evening, with Michael challenging Calum to play a song with his water bottle cap as a pick and the iconic ‘make up a song up about the location’ – ‘Michael shaved his beard for Birmingham’ being the key elements of the band’s banter. This close relationship between the members is what fans have grown to love about the band and the laughter continued as the night went on.

It was impossible to miss the close proximity between the crowd and the band. The mid set tear-jerkers epitomised this, with ‘Amnesia’, ‘Jet Black Heart’ and ‘Beside You’ leaving the audience with chills down their spines. With nothing but the band and the fans singing back, it was truly a magical moment. Something else overlooked is just how much 5SOS appreciate their fans and how they make it as much about them as it is about the band. Constantly including the fans and thanking the fans after every few songs, it was truly incredible to see such a close knit atmosphere.

'‘She’s Kinda Hot’ and ‘She Looks So Perfect’ was the perfect way to end the show'

By the time it came to the encore, the crowd were desperate for the show to continue for at least another hour. Ending the show with perhaps their most famous tracks, ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ and ‘She Looks So Perfect’ was the perfect way to end the show. Not one person was sitting down by the end; everyone was singing along and dancing away. The energy continued and fans screamed out the lyrics for one last time. 5SOS thanked the fans once again before throwing guitar picks and drumsticks into the crowd and making their exit.

Overall, 5 Seconds of Summer put on an amazing, energetic performance. Having achieved unbelievable success over the past few years, Sounds Live Feels Live proves why they’re so successful. It’s clear that they’ve worked unbelievably hard to be where they are now and that they’re not taking any of it for granted. With dedicated fans and a raw talent that cannot be missed, 5 Seconds of Summer were a pleasure to watch and they could’ve easily have kept playing all night without it ever getting slightly boring. The way things are going, this won’t be the last time 5SOS perform at the Genting Arena.