In the final match of the evening, Birmingham’s Anita Kaur and Sarah Walker beat Ellen Mahenthiralingam and Cheryl Seinen in the women’s doubles, to secure an emphatic 3-2 win for the Birmingham Lions

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The doubles pairing Kaur and Walker quickly established themselves, moving into a 5-2 lead, no doubt making full use of their vast international experience. A couple of tricky shots forced errors from both sides, bringing the score to 7-4. A barrage of smash shots from Nottingham earned them a vital point as the Lions moved towards sealing the game, which they did with ease, the final score 9-5.

A lengthy rally ended in a point for the Lions, which got a rapturous response from the home crowd. More dominant play pushed Kaur and Walker into a 4-1 lead, when Nottingham called for a time out. An error from Dutch international Seinen and a powerful shot from Kaur moved Birmingham into an 8-1 lead, which they did not let slip. The second game ended quickly with a 9-1 scoreline to the Lions.

Nottingham took the first point of the third game after Kaur ended a long run of shots by drilling the shuttlecock into the net. With the score at 2-0 to Seinen and Witts it looked as though Nottingham might pull away, but the Lions responded quickly, pulling the scoreline back to three points apiece. Things got a little tighter as the game progressed, adn with the score at 6-4 to Birmingham, Kaur opted for the power play. A tense rally was eventually smashed home by Kaur to bring it to 8-4. In the final point of the night, the crowd added to the tension by clapping Kaur and Walker home to a 9-5 victory in what was a convincing and easy victory for the women’s doubles.

Birmingham Lions ended the night as winners with three wins to Nottingham’s two, their first victory of the season in front of a happy home crowd at the University of Birmingham’s Great Hall.