Ivanka Trump’s position at the White House betrays an administration based on nepotism, argues Comment Writer Emily Youlton

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The eldest First Daughter of America, Ivanka Trump, has been appointed as a ‘Special Assistant’ to the President. It comes as no surprise to many that Donald Trump’s ‘favourite’ daughter has been given a position in the White House but it certainly brings into question the ethics of this already controversial governance.

In an interview on the American talk show 60 minutes, just after her Father’s election, Ivanka said that she would be in the White House as his daughter and nothing more. That statement seems now an irrelevant part of her past. She will assume the role just 2 months after his inauguration. In response to ethics issues, Ivanka has stated that she will be entering into the role unpaid, but working voluntarily hardly solves all of the moral issues that the Trumps seem eager to ignore. It appears that Trump is happy not only to condone nepotism, but also lies and broken promises. Not that this is anything new in the Trump household.

According to a White House spokesperson, the fact Ivanka is assuming the role unpaid automatically makes it ethical. It starts to uncover the reality of the administration of this government. If that’s all it takes for them to be ‘ethical’, there isn’t much hope. Fortunately, Trump will have to comply with all federal employee rules and disclose her finances so maybe there is some hope of transparency.

It appears that Trump is happy not only to condone nepotism, but also lies and broken promises

Miss Trump is expected to receive a personal office in the White House, full security clearance and an official government communications device. Although she has a proven track record as a successful business woman, surely the consideration of her qualification for this post should include more than this. This role will give her significant access and influence over the President, and therefore considerable power within this relatively new administration. It’s hardly surprising, especially with President Trump’s record of cabinet member appointments, that he would choose to have his eldest daughter as a part of his team, but it crosses the line. Like most of Trump’s decisions since he became President, it is hard to ignore and has caused a fair amount of outcry.

Maybe this would be a suitable move in his business domain, but there is no doubt that many consider this latest appointment to be wildly inappropriate. Without any clear relevant experience to qualify her for this role within Trump’s White House, it further confirms that the President will continue to operate in a maverick way with total disregard for the protocols and conventions that have traditionally been respected. This blatant case of bias seen often within his business has clearly seeped into the political world.